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Female, 24

Saturday Night I was Downtown,workin for the FBI.... lol

No Just kidding.Just a **** song bouncin in my head:O) I was however Downtown.My friends and I went to a place called"The Pulse". Its a Gay club where alot of **** and Bisexuals go.Its a nice place and the people are nice.We did alot of dancing and met some really HOT girls.I met Lilly there.She was a **** Blonde girl with an awesome bod and a sweet personality.We got along great and by nights end there was some Kissing and touching...


Nov 6, 11 11:14 AM | (4)

Surgery update!!

Well I have been walking now for about 3 weeks. Its harder than I remember. I never expected it to be this difficult. Therapy has been helpful but also painful and time consuming. I had to return to work last week. Some days I feel like I am 90 years old. I miss simple things like being able to tie my own shoes, and getting out of a chair without help.  I wanted to thank all who have been there and so supportive during the last few months as I have gone through...


Oct 17, 11 5:24 PM | (8)


Female, 21


Sitting at my ****, recycled some cans today and put my couins in the coinstar, its my day off so im doing some chores and whatever. went grocery shopping and got kitten food i love my kitten.


Sep 8, 11 4:48 PM | (3)


Male, 57

Temple of lost souls

By Myself


In the darkness the goddess cried, never to have known loves time

In the stone temple the man screamsr rage, lost in madness mind

Cold are the walls of the temple, black the halls of endless human sums

Endless souls forage for existence, never more to be heard in the rising sun

The temple drinks dreams away


Sep 3, 11 3:50 AM | (0)

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Male, 38

People don't stop to help nearly enough...

Today I was shopping after work at the store...  An older lady fell out of her chair and was not moving!  What amazed me was how many people stopped, looked, and either moved on or just kept staring!!  Only myself and another lady took action to assist this person.. I rushed to her side and called 911 while trying to get her to respond, the other person was holding her hand..  It ended up being a seizure, and she was taken away in the ambulance.

Now, there was...


Aug 30, 11 2:34 AM | (4)


Male, 35

This is the first entry for this blog, so I'm going to explain the thought process in its title

I like to watch **** Guy and in one episode Peter was imagining what his life would be like if he lived in a sitcom, and so My Black Son was born...also he's a ninja. I DO NOT have any ****, black or otherwise, it's just that the default title of this blog was "My favorite Blog". I thought "What's something I can use that's similar to that but also doesn't really apply to me and so makes very **** sense?" Hence, I came up with the title from the memory of a show...


Aug 15, 11 10:52 PM | (0)

Does it ever get better?

I have been down and off work for over 3 weeks since the knee operation. My **** had a total knee replacement done on Monday and is still in the hospital. I am finding it hard to balance my need for rest to recover with my need to be there for my ****(I am an only **** so I am pretty much all she has).  The back and forth is wearing me out and I just dont know what to do about it all.  On top of that I am trying to teach J to drive so he can help out a bit but it's sometimes a...


Jul 28, 11 8:18 PM | (3)


Male, 55

Another day...

...waking up with morning wood after dreaming of my favorite activity


Read some of the forum posts to get a better idea of who's real and who's not (playing the BN version of "Hot ot Not" I guess).

No relief in sight...


but knowing that there are others out there who are in the same boat gives me solice.

Jul 19, 11 4:06 PM | (0)


Male, 52

chat, life

Hi, all u pink things out there. I refuse to go viral and it stinks that all I c is chat this and chat that. Personally though it is inly my opioion " touching and tasting is the only way to get aquainted. live once in a while. Most men are just as fearful of Women as Women are of men.

Jul 16, 11 9:30 PM | (0)

Feeling really nervous!!!

As some of you may remember, I had mentioned going under the knife. Well the time is upon me and I am feeling more nervous and apprehensive after my pre-op appointments yesterday.

Initially, I had expected this to be painful and similar to the last knee surgery I had almost 20 years ago. Apparantly not this time. Although the surgery will mostly be done arthroscopically (there is one area where the have to open up) they will be cutting the tibia and putting in screws. I was told I...


Jul 1, 11 3:43 PM | (5)

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