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Male, 33

9/29 Work Work Work

Finding myself working more and more by the day. Not alot of time for myself but I am thinking about some few lately that have **** my eye. Risk is one thing, relationships are another, along with time that goes into them. Thinking about next week to goto a local bar and just relax, maybe stretch my legs about and get away from the house. It's been a good while since I have had a good date, or even a **** one. Newport News is an OK city but being new to it still just makes it harder...


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Male, 33

**** outside the norm..

Is it really that wrong to crave **** with multiple partners as a man or woman? I understand the whole monogamy thing but as men we were born the instinc to wanna pro create so you can't really blame us for wanting to constantly be with another can you?

Sep 7, 12 6:42 PM | (0)


Male, 30

My thoughts

So i'm new to this site. Hi my name is Dante. I really don't know why I am on this site. Then again, I guess I do know. I just want to find someone to have fun with. You know, kick back watch some movies or even go out. I'm the guy that loves Graffiti, skateboarding, street bikes the list goes on. I'm goofy and at the same time I can think ten steps ahead. Well that's all for now ladies. Dane byrd signing off... Peace.

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Male, 49

Gentle ripples on the water

Outside in the pool (small one) I noticed tranquil ripples rolling across the surface of the water. The wind was gentle and the sun was shining bright causing my body to become very warm. So I dipped into the pool and watched the former ripples collide with the new ones and disappear into the sides of the pool. That's the way life is in everything you do. Some call it Karma, others call it a harvest of what was sown, some know nothing about either and don't care..


Aug 13, 12 9:27 PM | (0)


Male, 40

Where oh where has the time gone?

I've been online for two hours and barely even managed to keep up with all the alerts/messages/invites and they all seem to be from somewhere other than my local area.  OK, BeNaughty I get it.  You're trying to inflate people's heads right off the bat and keep the adrenaline pumping.  Yet I'd rather be doing more work to find people that are just right than you  folks taking all the work out of it for me *which acutally creates more work*.


To the...


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Female, 41

a thought i had

The question i have is how does one rebuild after a fire....after a fire burns everthing you have known and lived? I had a fire in the end of Oct and since just been told by the doctors that i have post traumatic stress syndrom......never heard of that. I went to the house the other day and because it had been sometime, and someone broke into the garage and robbed all the last of my stuff, this garage is a detached garage and housed my garage sale things and what i could salvage from the...


Dec 16, 11 3:39 AM | (2)


Male, 49

Don't believe them.. Society is full of ****
I really like the dove campaign about beauty.  Please check it out..  



Dec 11, 11 8:45 PM | (1)

**** I'm ****!!!!

Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy doing **** like opening a profile here asking random guys to shove their **** into me, when I think, "You know what? **** what people think." I mean, am I really going to feel bad about wanting to have good ****?

Why is it totally acceptable for a guy to say that they want to **** women with big **** or **** but if a woman says she wants to **** a guy with a big **** people get judgemental? You know what else isn't fair? The way...


Dec 1, 11 12:31 AM | (5)


Male, 53

Education - never too late - "you went there didn't you !"

 Why do the ladies think that most all men think with there ****. Don't hate I've just heard this. Is it true ? I can asure you thinking with the head on my shoulders is much more plesurable in all activities. ????

Nov 18, 11 10:50 AM | (0)


Female, 24

Ugh School !!
Hey everyone !! Just another day of drugery at school.I am over it.A day full of Physics and Quantum equations has fried my brain.I now have the most respect for Steven Hawking.I dont know how he does it.A couple hours of studying warped time and space,string theories and event horizons just drains my mind.But im home now and its play time so whos gonna ring the door first


Nov 10, 11 9:23 PM | (3)

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