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Female, 20

fett seg kväll

har haft en fett seg kväll. har inte kunnat sova eller nånting.

Mitt behov av en kille växer allt mer för varje dag som ****år.

Får panik på de.. 

Aja, ut o ta en bamsing nu då och hoppas på att få sova.

finns på kik för en tid frammåt (namn...


Jan 10, 14 3:47 AM | (0)


Male, 52

Things that are close to my heart.

The smartest desision that I have ever made was enlisting in the U.S. navy. I have gained so much knowledge, experience, and financial status from there.

My best memory was spending quality time with my **** while she was here with me.

I really enjoy all types and breads of animals. I love being around animals. helping them, caring for them and donating to there charities.

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Male, 22

Working Out

Back in High School, I was one of the tallest ****, despite being a visible minority in a mostly Caucasian-Dominant school. But also one of the thinnest. At 6 feet 2 - 6 feet 4 (I grew 2 inches between then and now), I weighed in at just under the borderline of normal weight and under weight on the BMI scale. 135 lbs.

I looked up online for resources on how to gain weight and bulk up in muscle so I could look more normal. For most East-Asians like myself, we don't really have a big...


Oct 15, 13 2:38 AM | (0)


Male, 23

Women you are beautiful.

So far i've come across many women in my life and I'm still looking forward to meet many more but the truth is I love women. The first time I saw a **** woman was when I was 6 years old and since then it's almost unrelastic or sometimes unexplainable to tell you how I feel about a woman. I fell in love too but got crushed at the same time. I had a crush on this girl (my first) and she became somene I fell in love with but she did'nt feel the same way at that moment and for me to get it...


Sep 27, 13 8:25 AM | (3)

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Male, 31

Quem sou? O que faço aqui?

Como falar de sacanagem em uma sociedade preconceituosa como a nossa? Se tornando marginal, no melhor sentido da palavra é claro.

Não sou casado, vivo um relacionamento em que não consigo reconhecer como um namoro. Relacionamento a distância de anos que não sai do ponta pé inicial. Mas são coisas da vida... Fazer o que...

O que interessa aqui é sim a sacanagem. Sou uma pessoa muito tímida, vivo em meio a...


Jun 2, 13 2:55 PM | (5)


Male, 56

the first entry

I enterd Naughty, my hope were high, would this be the spot, is this where all the good **** happens. you know when we gone get to the good stuff,  get down to the good stuff,  when we gone get to it. Then I saw her! just the face, oh so sweet she looks, and theres something erotic to her. I go to read her about me, I can feel here eyes follow me, and I find myself just looking at her. Wo hey man its just a pic, I shake my head and go read, man I can dig this, aI can relate to...


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Female, 50

this sucks more than i do!tiol

wow i think i  will jjust finger myself.

this sucks

Mar 25, 13 10:58 AM | (3)


Female, 37

My **** Is Rude.

My **** continues to disobey me...Why is she still with that blondie-****? She was still bad before that **** met her but she's become more perverted and worse. I've checked my ****'s Facebook messages and she has **** roleplays with that ****...

Jan 27, 13 3:21 PM | (3)


Male, 22

Sketchy stuff..

Some of the profiles on here seem pretty sketchy..

People saying they don't know how to use the site, and just want to meet up, and yet

they have their profile set up quite nicely.

Hmmmmm. Ya, I don't think I'll be "meeting up" with those "girls"..

I'm guessing the best way to actually decide if it's okay to meet up with someone

would be to set up a Skype call or something? Actually talk with them and whatnot.

Maybe even video chat, though I...


Nov 23, 12 11:46 AM | (0)


Male, 22

I'm liking this site..

Wishing I had some cash to spare for at least a month's worth of full access to this sites features.

Unfortunately things have been tight lately... haha

Hopefully I'll have some money to spend on finding someone to hook up with here soon.

I just want to have fun, ya know?


Nov 23, 12 11:33 AM | (0)

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