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**** Want Raise

This is borrowed from another site I frequent but wanted to share it because it was so funny.:


Request fo a raise

Dear Management,

I, the ****, hereby request a raise in salary for the following reasons:

1- I do physical labor

2- I work at great depths

3- I plunge head first into everything I do

4- I do not get...


Jan 16, 11 7:09 AM | (4)

carving with chainsaw my new hobbie

i now have 2  **** i carved 1st one is from ash wood it weight 100 lb my 2nd **** is the best  its from maple curly  mapel is hard hard hard

and is vrey nice if i can post it i will..........wes    ps   there for sale

Dec 19, 10 7:12 PM | (0)


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Life is beautiful

Hi everybody,

Since life is beautiful lets freakout

Dec 15, 10 5:20 PM | (0)

Lets do it !!
Ok everyone ! Im gonna do it.On Saturday the 19th I am going to meet with one lucky Guy or Gal and hang out with them for the whole day.Who will it be?? Well just comment here on my Blog why that some one should be you and I will pick the winner from the submitted comments.I cant wait to hear from all of you who would love to get your **** Paws on me so dont be shy and let me know whats really on your mind.Im getting excited just...


Dec 10, 10 6:14 PM | (20)

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I was scared the first time I had ****

I was scared the first time I had ****...

It was dark and I was all alone.


Nov 13, 10 6:30 PM | (0)


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**** Rabbits

I used to know a rabbit named Fast eddie, but we all called him Jack because thats what he'd do at the blink of an eye. He'd Jack you. Jack was a **** rabbit, He tried to make others think he was a dealer, but we all knew he wasn't cause nobody would give him fronts, since he'd just smoke it before he could sell it. He was always tryin to **** somebody in some way, or tryin to steal your bike, t.v. , vcr, or anything he thought he could hawk for a rock. Well one day he ran afoul of the...


Nov 11, 10 1:58 AM | (0)

Favorite fun


Blog for fun is great.

Fun starts with a BIG "F". with "U" and on the "N"UDE.

Sooo no waiting and let begin to enjoy.


Nov 10, 10 9:39 AM | (0)


Male, 42

Life, Way, Way, Way too short to not live it to the fullest, have fun, approach with passion and zest.   We spend far too much time on things that make us unhappy, bore us, lead to nowhere, serve no purpose, hold no meaning.  We only get a short amount of time here on...


Nov 4, 10 5:52 AM | (1)


Male, 33

Straight bloggin

Ima straight blog the hell out of this mofo! lol- If I was in a weird state of mind I would ask myself what the **** is a blog. Sounds like a **** or some ****.Or you could say "yo mane, quit bloggin that joint. lol For those of you that don't know, WELCOME> I smoke good every day. Seed+water=Flower        


Oct 7, 10 4:20 AM | (1)

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The Deer Camp
I added this because I snore too ! or so I am told

The guys were all at a deer camp.No one wanted to share a tent with Randy, because he snored so badly.They decided the fair thing would be to take turns.The first guy who slept in Randy's tent came to breakfast the nextmorning with his hair a mess and his eyes all bloodshot. When...


Oct 2, 10 2:02 PM | (0)

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