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A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions. ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height. ~ Casey...


Jun 24, 11 1:29 AM | (1)


Male, 47

Memorial Day weekend

Well been a wild start to the weekend.  Was supposed to take a trip that got cancelled. So sitting around all weekend long doing nothing is not my thing.  Indy 500 start was great. 100 years is sweet.  Got me excited about the race again after a 20+ year absence.  May is almost over and June is upon us.  Look me up.

May 29, 11 6:55 PM | (0)


Female, 48

We noticed a tendency, we want to share!

Men from Texas have problems with reading, they totally skip intro. I hope they do better in bed... I am worried about Texas women, of course, I'm for everything local - local food, local guys..

May 4, 11 6:59 AM | (2)


Female, 48

From our mail. Best compliment of the month!!!

Today I was called "hi maint hooker" ... "nice **** ... bad attitude".

There is not enough smiley faces to show how I'm flattered and how I am laughing! You made my day, stranger, thank you

May 4, 11 6:34 AM | (0)


Male, 34

Brilliant weather



Brilliant weather today and after a hectic past few days, i guess its time for a relaxing ride on teh 350... wonder which direction to head out in... Most probably South... day to to crappy DumDuma or maybe a slow ride through the Aravalis... can't make up my mind... suggestions anyone?

Mar 29, 11 9:32 AM | (0)


Female, 46

Just putting it out there

I have no intentions of behaving herself and I find no reason to pretend! 


Mar 4, 11 2:44 AM | (2)


Male, 46

First time Naughty Blogger

So I hadn't really even noticed the blog section on here before.  I'm not sure if it's new or what, but when I saw it, I decided it can't hurt to use it to let the ladies get to know me just a **** better.  I've been on BeNaughty for oh, probably five or so months now, and have not actually met anyone in-person.  There is a lot on here that is confusing, and often seems like spam or ****, or whatever it is that people call the fake profiles here lately.  That's...


Feb 21, 11 10:57 PM | (0)


Male, 43

And So It Goes...

Yep ...I'm back

Day? wait...its dark out already this one slipped by fast .... Well after some relatively quick success things seem to have stalled just as suddenly with no new prospects, the likelyhood of finding ms. right now, in the time I have allowed (one week) seems a long shot at best. 

looking for that last minute Hail Mary or (proverbial) jumper cables to shock some life back into this search.

Of course my mama never raised no quitter (he says) as I...


Feb 9, 11 4:13 AM | (5)


Male, 43

Trials of a new guy Continued....


Here I am day ...i'm not even sure since I crippled a few brain cells watching the Super Bowl and still managed to spend some time here.

After taking in some (great) advice, I have started to see some return on my investment (meager but possibly tangeable) We shall see.... The best news is (and dont ask me how cuz i dunno) i have seen a marked decline in those inane **** chat requests (perhaps the word got out that i'm cheap?)

Whatever the cause i am grateful...


Feb 8, 11 12:39 AM | (0)


Male, 43


Thanks to all (both) I'm rollin now!) the ladies who offered up there ideas and found time to welcome a lowley newbie.

I will take my newly assimilated wisdom and see if i can turn this into something (at the very least) resembling contact with an actual woman.

Any other advice?  Theres still time while my mind is actualy open to suggestion (My brain has "drive-Thru" hours late but not 24 hours).

I'll keep on truckin.

Feb 7, 11 3:52 AM | (0)

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