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Female, 42

Back again

I have all but forgotten how much fun I had on this site for years over the past few months, due to the annouying changes to the system not the least of which being the expectation of paying through the nose for nothing more than chats and flirts, I have not been on site much at all this year. It's kind of a pity how the site has been robbed of its  "heart" there was a  great load of banter to be had on here even a year ago but definately 2 and 3 years back it was brilliant. I...


Apr 8, 14 1:43 AM | (0)

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Male, 42

Moje Naughty

Jestem tu od niedawna ale mam też konto **** innym portalu gdzie jak wydaje mi się są tylko "boty"...

I jak tu znaleźć szczęście? Miłość?

Wielu się zapewne ****śmiewa bo tu tylko wyrwać moż**** laskę... lecz jesteście w błędzie.


Takż**** tu spodziewam się ****ów czytając podobne automatyczne zapytania jednakż**** jeden profil przykuł mą uwagę.

Tak jestem z Bydgoszczy i najlepiej byłoby mieć kogoś z Bydgoszczy ale chetnie...


Mar 17, 14 8:00 PM | (0)


Male, 32

Klimatyczne tak moż**** mówić o wszystkim tutaj nie tylko o Eventah


Feb 14, 14 4:34 PM | (1)


Male, 34


Je partage votre opinion, il se peut que Slackware devienne le Systeme d'Exploitation qui va remplacer Windows. C'est tellement plus simple. Vous joignez razor-qt a compiz **** tout ce qui vous reste a faire c'est de vous acheter un BlueRay pour VLC. (=Je parie que si je vous en parle pendant un bon **** de ****, le pays des reves va vous appeler assez rapido-presto. S'pas grave, je fais la vaisselle, je passe la mope, je vous prepare votre petit dejeuner pour le lendemain,...


Dec 21, 13 2:20 AM | (0)

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Male, 47

vontade de externa sentimentos

olá sabe quando você amanhãce com vontade de sair amando todas as mulheres lindas,cheirosas,gostosas **** gentis que vc achar? hoje estou com muita vontade de fala desse sentimento ele queima ele á flora **** deixa vc meio que extasiado,hummmm!!! eu sempre me pergunto por que gosto tanto de mulher que uma apenas não é o suficiênte? hummm! não sei... sei que é gostoso poder dividir tudo que sobra em uma pessoa isso é...


Dec 4, 13 11:24 AM | (0)


Male, 25

Its about me as i've just now joined in it!!!!

As i said earlier i've jst now joined in this. As everyone is coming here to have friendship n if possible to get into a relationship, i also came in this for the same purpose.

But i'm having some problems in dat as i cannot chat wid some one whz intrested in me coz i'm having some prblem wid my card paying   don't noe the matter the site is jst rejecting my card.

So i jst thought of writing a blog about myself so as to make my introduction a...


Mar 14, 13 4:09 AM | (0)


Male, 31

Just wish to be in touch

Hello fellas,

Just introducing myself to the world of BeNaughty on that drizzling day.

Came here with the hope to find someone special in NCR to make my weblife a **** more real. Sitting idle on computer and glaring on fictitious and fantasized world is not the right idea. I need to breathe a **** more oxygen, aroma and chit-chat of the world around me. But in that foray find myself a bit alone, so looking for company to shake hips together (_/_)(_/_) - hey, don't be...


Feb 23, 13 2:49 AM | (0)


Female, 53

Saturday night
    I had an awesome Saturday night on Benaughty , I love it when the guys really want to talk with me and get into every aspect of what " I " Like and ask me alot of questions, I wish I could of talked with everyone but there is just not enough hours in the day , I got a new toy this past week and I am loving that **** it it fabulous, I just love **** and can't get enough. Have a great week to all my friends... Brandi


Sep 16, 12 7:47 PM | (1)

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Male, 49

The beginning of the paradigm

I have never made a blog before, so I suppose now is the time to start.

Most of the time I am into studying. I do enjoy other things as well, but I am enclined to educate my mind, simply because a head full of mashed potatoes is useless unless you are a zombie or something. But if you are a zombie, look for another brain to **** on because mine is full of...


Aug 10, 12 3:05 AM | (0)


Male, 45

what do you be loved or ****; or both??

Unfortunately, being a "standard" member I cannot do crap on here. I would love to meet a curious girl for talk, or more... Im a nice guy, but obviously thats not too important to the girls I have been with. I loved them deeply but got burned. I am who I am. very open minded willing to try new things as well as the usual stuff! hope to hear from you soon.  -Brian

Jun 11, 12 10:32 PM | (1)

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