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so i stubled upon this site, thought what the heck, and signed up.  Obvisouly not too many things in life are free, and why would meeting girls with similar interests be any different.  I've received a fair amount of activity on my profile in the last few days and without the ability to read any messages i'm wondering if it's just bait with no real substance, trying to lure me into paying.  I wish there was a way to tell. I guess their gonna get my $5 to find out.

Oct 11, 11 6:45 PM | (2)


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Almost the weekend

well i am a bit lazy today and haven't been to the gym yet - but promise will go after classes!

Sep 22, 11 6:57 PM | (2)


Female, 24


wow i really hate when people on here say there honna do something then don't... not to say i havent made plans then cancled but at least i say im cancleing i mean really. I just want to **** and soooommmeee ppl make it more difficult than needed

comment if you agree or want to put in your two cents....

Sep 6, 11 3:07 AM | (2)

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First blog...

First time blogger here...

What can I say here.. well, im new on the block.. fresh out of a LONG relationship, and looking for some kind of local life.. I work hard all week, and the years of monogamy have left me a **** on the shy side.. Doesnt bode well for my **** or social life.. lol

Not sure what Ill get out of this site, but I figured why not try it out.. We will see.. Would love any advice you VETS could pass on!


Aug 29, 11 5:05 AM | (1)


Male, 32

I am here looking to find real women thats ready to be pleased so dont worry if you have a man right now, I understand dont worry just let me know what you want from me no strings attach. I will be ready for all you ladies this friday.Check out my video it will explain more.


Aug 24, 11 5:37 PM | (0)


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Looking for a lady that likes to have fun and try new things. I have a very **** male friend that's fantasy like almost every man would like to have two ladies for one night. ( because there's not to many men out there that can handle two ladies for a life time and who's looking for that anyway anyway. LOL) I've known this man and been friends with him for over **** years and he's not having the...


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How many other blogs on here are entitled 'My Favorite Blog'?

I've even seen one that was entitled 'My Favorite Blog' in a different language. Is it really that hard to name your blog? Mine's not anything super deep or interesting but at least it's not 'My Favorite Blog'.

Aug 16, 11 1:05 AM | (0)


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a day of daze

Ah hell, I don't what exactly to write, but what the hell. I have a few thoughts so far, 1 being that this site has a lot of activity, but I tried one breifly yesterday and it had a not of activity, WHICH TURN OUT TO ALL BE FAKES. 2 is it just me or all the women/girls/ladies BEAUTIFUL here... give a guy hope that real women are out there and things I thought were just my needs are shared by a whole lot of people. So with all the attention you first get when you logon to one of these...


Aug 12, 11 6:58 AM | (0)

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why people are here ?

Its a simple question to all benaughtians that why they are here ?

1.) For **** ,

2.) for making love,

3.) for flirting,

4.) for fulfill their **** desire, or

5.) for time pass


Aug 3, 11 8:29 AM | (0)

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