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Male, 49

Being me!!!

Hello ladies! I am looking for my match  and I know she is out there, might even find her on this web sight. I worked offshore untill a nebie dar fatal accident that put me in a wheelchair for 6 months. I am 6ft tall, 175 lbs with a muscular build, dark hair and hazel eyes. I really want to meet someone who looks good and is healthy and comfortable with herself. I am a huge comic book collector, I love the movies, I have been in martial arts for 33 yrs, and I definately dont look my...


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Male, 35

A New Start

A year ago I was engaged and seperated in less then seven mounths.  I regret the breakup but in hind sight I may have dodged a bullet with the ammount of baggage my **** was packing, it was a matter of time that i would have stepped on a **** and brock the relationship.  I now stand on the edge of a cliff try to remain the way i am or delve into my passions and live.


I started to read the works of the Marquis de Sade, books on Tantric, **** essays and good...


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Male, 21

As I lay...

unfortunately, i'm not about to **** for this website, but i do wish i could chat with everyone without having to **** an arm and ****. feel free to email whenever. at least blogging is free...          i dont believe in this theory, paying to socialze when there is a similarity to a social network thats free 


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going to bed

bed time again. long night of being on the computer

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Male, 30

A Friend Signed Me Up....

So, my buddy had signed me up because he said I needed to start meeting girls and experiencing more **** and I had  lot of experience in my early 20's w/ expeiencing most aspects of **** but as of late I have been celibate at first started by choice because I was having basically what eveyone was calling "Empty ****" but I loved it! Also whenever I had been serious wih a girl who wante more I'd give in and never cheat on them(I think I might be the...


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Male, 43

Sunday Ride

Well today is Sunday and I am going to take a country ride on my Harley.

I sure wish I had a pretty **** lady to ride with me. I know she would love it.

I have women tell me all the time to take them for a ride and that they love

my Harley. Yes my Harley is way cool but so am I without my Harley. I can

be soooo cool that I freez anything I come in contact with. Well not really but it

sounded way cool to say.  


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Male, 44


It is time the ministry of defence got cracking in building up the Indian Army's military capability to face the Chinese threat.....


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Male, 39



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Male, 43

Current film projects

  Currently appearing in "Real Steel" in theaters and IMAX. Appearing in "Have a **** Faith" November 27th on ABC.Just finished "Freaky Deaky" the 2nd Elmore Leonard film I've worked on.I played a hippie saxophone player.I have a couple films scheduled but it has seemed to be bad luck in the past to write about them before finishing the work on the films.I've appeared in 35 films since 1994.

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Female, 58

Like to chat with someone need to get Hot and wet.

The question is should i pierce my ****?  Perfect size 36  What do you think?  Also want to have my **** tatooed a darker color.l

Oct 18, 11 11:15 PM | (3)

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