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Male, 27

hi my **** life

Hey my name his Rizy. I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I like to write about my **** life, my life is fill with beautiful women, Young, matured and **** girls. But I have problems in ****. See I am not experienced in this **** stuff, I am too young for this stuff...


Feb 24, 13 11:31 AM | (0)

my favourite things

my boss has an insane sense of humour.

When I got to work yesterday he set up a gang bang for me without me knowing about it.

The other women in the office were at a meeting out of town.I have this habit of wearing skirts that are too short and tops either low cut or **** revealing. It is rare for me to wear panties so when I bend over, sometimes the guys get a **** glimpse of my ****.I have dated a few of the guys here,so they know what I am like.

So I...


Feb 21, 13 7:35 AM | (1)


Male, 24

To Be Naughty Or Not To Be Naughty: That is the question.

SO, usually you'd never catch me on one of these sites. I just.. I can't take this **** seriously. LOL Are people REALLY doing this? Better yet - are attractive women really doing this? I doubt it. LMAO I'm an attractive man, so I've been spoiled by the universe and am use to being with attractive women. Maybe its shallow of me to think that the only...


Jan 27, 13 2:49 AM | (1)


Male, 33

So it is like this.....

Hi to you all the peeps in ****-naughty-space, im sorth of new at this but since i have some free time today i figure sure why not try this new outlet?..... so, here i go saying that, this new adventure seems exiting and a bit weird, because i am usually a very reserved and sorth of shy individual, but since we have we'b started a new year and we all have survived the end of the world prediction and entered a new stage of change in our lives i will  give this a try... here it is; "A...


Jan 3, 13 12:37 AM | (0)


Male, 38

Where have all the gone ones gone?

It's the same old cliché that makes you want to quickly reach for the barf bag. People whine constantly about where the good ones have gone. But what do they really mean when the say that? When people are being blasted with **** images of celebrities who have the social skills of a fruit fly, it's hard not to imagine why they are incapable of finding a good one. You have to guage what their definition is and only then will the answer will slap...


Nov 29, 12 12:47 AM | (2)


Couple (man and woman),

Wondering where everyone is?

I really would like to start chatting and talking to people. No one is answering me. It kind makes me mad. If you don't want to chat with someone at least let them know that you don't want to chat!!!


Nov 11, 12 7:12 AM | (0)

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Female, 46


I thought I would check out this site to see exactly what is about and what it has to offer me.  I am a single parent, love spending time with my ****, however, I also like to have fun, meet new people and go dancing. 

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Male, 41


Is it Just me or doese it seem really unfair at times,

Something pretty messed up just happened in my life and the wonderful women I call Wife blamed it all on me she has the nerve and gull to say and repeat to me that I m just a Fn Bastard and basically desserve what I get! Life just seems so unfair at times! at times I just can't waite for it to be all over!!


Sep 9, 12 5:52 AM | (1)


Male, 55


That part of the soccer season is upon us....and I get such a sh*tty shift.

Awesome morning, no one around to share it with...such a shame.

Aug 25, 12 3:13 PM | (1)


Male, 24


well what can i say? at a time in my life where things are falling together just right. auditioning for a band as vocalist, forming another,

it's looking good just got 2 new kittens within the past couple weeks, couple of strays left in the middle of nowhere, they're an entertaining duo

in the mornings between play fighting or pouncing on my face lol anyways, i play soft rock to metal don't know about you but when i go out, i love

to rock! huge plus if your a...


Aug 21, 12 11:48 AM | (0)

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