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Female, 40


Hello old friend here I am back online and to my surprise blogging again.

Back in the naughty’s I used to muse in length about my conquests and adventures it's purpose was to keep an erotic diary of things  I greatly enjoyed. Much to my surprise this cache of mischief became...


Apr 1, 14 10:39 AM | (3)


Male, 29

Adding a social calendar to life....

I am often seen as the big guy that all the **** girls with boyfriend problems come running to for a shoulder to cry on...I guess it is my easygoing nature and having a sister or two. I am a nice guy, but I somehow get the feeling that all the nice guys are still single and the bad boys are riding around on their harleys with the tattoos chugging beer and defying the effects of not **** healthy and working out at the gym. Maybe it is the type of social calendar that I I am a...


Mar 23, 14 4:28 AM | (0)

Profiilin lukeminen

Lukekaapas nyt hyvät naiset profiili kokonaisuudessaan.


Mar 22, 14 3:28 PM | (0)


Male, 23

Hi there! leave a message here!

Well hello everybody from or around Sioux Falls! im just here looking to nbe naughty! I dont plan to **** for the site, so if you would like to talk, just leave a commment here on my blog! thanks!

Mar 9, 14 7:24 AM | (0)


Male, 53

Meine Erfahrungen bei meiner Suche nach einem Partner für ein Date

Es war einmal ein älterer Herr im schönen alter von 52 Geistig jung **** 18 Lenze (anscheinend auch so blöd) der kam auf die Idee abwechslung in sein Sexleben zu bringen.

Er glaubte an gleichgesinnte Frauen die ebenso **** er zwar eine gute Ehe führen aber sexuell unterfordert sind.

Nachdem er also dieser Date Website beigetreten war meinte er es werden sich **** Frauen melden und mit Ihm kontakt aufnehmen.

Doch er täuschte sich sehr und er kam...


Feb 13, 14 9:40 PM | (0)


Female, 40

well hello and welcome...

we are all on here for one thing, I need it more than others so not only do I want to do it more I want to talk about it more!

I have a bf, he's lovely, but he has not made me ****.  why am I still with him? well he's good for me in other ways. I want someone to **** me, no pleasantries, no romance, just a good hard ****.  I like it hard, i like it rough, I like to de dominated and treated like a naughty **** ****.

have my first meeting tonight,...


Feb 9, 14 3:36 PM | (3)


Female, 37

Primeiro Post

Inaugurando hoje o meu blog. Vou tentar escrever coisas legais por aqui. Me acompanhem...


Hoje acordei com meu maridinho me chupando (delicinha)..  Estavamos tão excitados, pois hoje eu ia dar gostoso para um negão com um pau bem grande.  Meu marido me chupou tanto que gozei gostoso.


Jan 24, 14 8:25 PM | (1)


Male, 39


Hi all,

So what are your feelings on **** ****, is it a must for you too or do you have some other **** that takes your fancy, get me on philph69 at I know **** comes first but I have a few others. I would very much like to hear your coments and chat about your "Do's and don'ts" especially from those who are partial to **** ****, in a big way, like I am. For me it is a burning desire and almost better than penitration.

I will be looking forward to all your coments...


Jan 15, 14 6:09 AM | (0)

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Male, 46

First blog attempt!

I'm a single male and have lived alone in my current home for 18 years. Living alone allows me to indulge in my hobby of cross dressing when taken by the mood. IE, when ****! 

I don't know why the thought of dressing turns me on, it just does. Maybe it's the excitement of doing something totally different from my usual lifestyle. It's my private secret, taboo and fun. There's something about wrapping myself in such different clothing such as satin lingerie, tights or...


Jan 10, 14 8:14 PM | (0)


Female, 52

Thought of the day!



Dec 13, 13 1:45 PM | (0)

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