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Male, 26

First post

Well this is my first time on here so forgive me if it's lame or what not. Let's see. I have been on here trying to chat with people for a while today with no luck. If you are a female and reading this. Hit me up, I'm a nice guy or at least all my friends tell me that. I guess thats about all for now. I'll be back later.

May 19, 10 1:05 AM | (0)


Couple (man and woman), 37

HOLY **** YES!!!!!

I have been on a mission to quiet my quivering vagina. My husband has to work long hours and isn't around much. I have been to every **** store in town, been to just about every single in home "toy" party, and spent thousands of dollars tyring to find just the right ****. Finally I stumbled upon a website that has a toy that looks like it just might do it!!

I ordered it less then a week ago and and i...


Apr 6, 10 6:19 AM | (4)


Male, 32


Its tearing me up in side Got me burning behind my eyes what do they know about things unseen what do they know about the one who's me I'm conflicted its on the rise keep on smiling at you Yet i'm crying inside I'm all conflicted my heart knows not my mind I suffer from an affliction its **** me inside its a confliction its killing me tonight its a confliction why don't they see the me in my...


Feb 18, 10 11:28 AM | (2)


Male, 38

Horrible Marriage..

Hello all,

I was in a marraige that starts out good like they usually do.  **** was great, companionship was too.  Then things started to get weird.  I was constantly being accused of infidelity and flirting too much.  Slowly I figured that it was ok for her to have guy friends and  talk to whomever she wanted but it was not allowed with me.  I lost many friends, hunting buddiess, fishing buddies, and much more.  I tried to make this marriage work...


Feb 10, 10 5:20 PM | (0)


Male, 34

How To Seduce Your Woman.......Enjoy the love making..

Hi friends- Wishing u happy new & great sucess in your search ahead.

How To Seduce Your Woman -   The 9 Rules of Seducing

Rule 1: Any girl beyond the age of puberty has an instinctive ability to get **** and desire **** - but most men have not learned how to trigger this instinctive response in the woman they desire. She may be "willing and able"... but he just doesn't know how to make her "ready" whenever HE is ready, willing and able to have ****. (Now YOU...


Jan 6, 10 6:38 AM | (0)

Sleepless in New Orleans

Its not all that late but I can see another sleepless night ahead of me. Last night was 4 hours, tonight I will be lucky to get that much sleep. I dont get whats wrong with my sleep patterns. I try so hard to keep regular hours. It's harder than you would think with the love of my life in the UK.  I thought about some of the old remedies but warm milk would nauseate me. Counting sheep is never good...they have to be named, sheared,the lost ones found and that just gets my ****...


Sep 11, 09 5:10 AM | (7)


Male, 58

trying to meet
there  are other  sites that a person can chat on  for free    why  can\'t we at  least  leave  a mesg. on here


Aug 21, 09 4:24 PM | (1)


Female, 33


I like chocolate so much. What do you like do with it?!

Jul 6, 09 8:51 AM | (7)

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