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Fall Update

Well I made this site last night and so far it's been pretty fun.  I'm getting a lot of paperwork, medical tests, bloodwork, etc done and soon I'll be discharged from the Army honorably after serving five long years.  I can't wait to be a civilian again and start college, I'm majoring & minoring in Business/Law & Computer Graphics.  My brother wrecked my 350z while I was in Iraq, it was my ****.  Just a few weeks ago I got a pretty sweet RX8, I'll have pictures...


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Male, 31


In this modern world, a preassure cooker, **** has been constricted. Men and Women are at odds with all their expectations. People have to work overtime to **** the bills and turn their backs in bed from exhaustion. For what? A bunch of crap they don't need. No wonder it is perpetual debt for glitzy life styles.

This means less men and women **** and **** eachother. Passionate kisses have turned to a quick peck on the cheek before leaving to the office. Society has become a slave to...


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Female, 54


Inever thought that aguy could have real feelings/emotions.Not with me anyways.Till now.This is soo scarey to have someone to talk to and have them know your next sentence or thought.I don't want to push this one away.One thing that bothers me is the age differance.11 yrs.



Oct 10, 10 7:19 AM | (3)


Male, 26

Whats up everyone?

Hi Everyone!  It's a pleasure to meet you all.  So basically, a **** about me and what I'm into.  I'm a 23 year old student majoring in sociology.  I like doing a lot of community work and am into video games and movies.  I'm a **** shy at first, but I think that I open up once I get to know a person.

I'm here on this site looking for multiple things.  My first time(I'm a ****) and if I'm lucky, a girlfriend.  I'm into **** a bit,...


Oct 6, 10 10:10 PM | (0)


Male, 49


Well... First day blogging here...

Thinking back 9 years ago to what I was doing when the towers went down, remembering the helplessness and anger I felt, then. It is a reminder of how fragile and ephemeral that life can be and why it's important to tell the people you love everyday of how nice it is to have them in your life.

In this vein, I think my son and I will grab the neighbor **** and head out for a walk at **** Creek! It's a good day for a light hike... some ****...


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Male, 54

Smiling today

I'm in Marianna, Fl right now headed to Pensacola then off to Atlanta.

Cruising the site looking for that new lady friend. Going to try to stop to see my stepdaughter on the way thru LaGrange, **** on my way to Atlanta.

Next planned home time is Labor Day weekend. Hope to have a meet and greet with some nice lady

Would like to know what you think of dating an open minded Truck Driver

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Female, 44

hot date

The fourth of july and hot and wet, i decided to try to get this guy to go out with me. We had chatted before and exchanged pics, but never met in person. We went to **** and afterwards even went to fireworks. After i took him to his apartment we talked for a **** bit and then I decided to leave before things went too far.  He walked me to my vehicle, opened the door and I asked him for a hug. He gladly hugged me and even snuck in a kiss. It was...


Aug 23, 10 1:38 AM | (1)


Female, 39

what i do and dont want from this site ;)

what i want is some **** flirty chat or just even to have an intelligent convo w someone. it doesnt have to be about **** but i love to get to know ppl and its interesting too. i can be shy but i am very flirtatious and love to listen i also dont have a **** but i like to watch you it turns me on. i want to get to know ur fantasies and you so chat it up if im online also if im not here u can email me and will get back to you when im on ty guys


what i dont want is a...


Jul 27, 10 8:27 PM | (2)


Male, 56

new pix

just uploaded some new pix today and also updated my profile a bit... come on ladies and couples, chat with me!

Jul 20, 10 10:27 PM | (0)


Male, 29

What is up with the web **** site/

Seriously, I get messages from people wanting to chat, and its like hey do you havea pic? and then we end up exchanging **** ****-mails.  then they want me to register on some **** web **** site.  Really I mean how do people expect people to have respect for them when there taking it all off for anyone and everyone??  No wonder theres a stalker problem, dont lead people on if you dont want them around. Im not saying i wouldnt put out at all but im definatly not putting out for...


Jul 9, 10 6:03 AM | (2)

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