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Male, 28

The story of my romance in this site and my relationships

I am just an ordinary guy, no super powers whatsoever. Life has been normal to me, Girls dont fall for me in the first sight. Rather i have accepted that they wont fall for me even if i try. It has been 3-4 days since i have joined this site. I have tried flirting like never before. I had a love story that had been a real mess in the end that i had to go into a shell to protect myself from the hurt. Now I outgrow the hurt and try to come out of my shell and nobody responds here. I wonder...


Apr 1, 11 8:10 PM | (1)


Male, 46

Why be afraid of details

If one takes a look at the profiles here, more than 70% is simply without any details. Everybody is just looking around to get something without even giving out some basic details about themselves.

Profiles are shortlisted based on the details given therein. if the details given are not sufficient, then it can be sought through mails.

Most profiles simply waste precious hard disk space of the site owners. its better to delete profiles that does not have any details.

Mar 16, 11 11:40 AM | (0)


Female, 52

Is anyone in here genuine??

Hello fellow Naughty Peeps,

This has been a horrid week. How nice it would be to have someone to tell me everything will be better, tomorrow. However, I've met two genuine people on here. Has anyone but me had this experience. You chat, you check out each other,think you have chemistry, only to find you are talking to some loser in Nigeria??? WTH is up with that? What is the point? Eventually, liars do get...


Mar 10, 11 4:27 AM | (15)


Male, 44

Hi there !

I`m not realy sure what i want to wright about in here and i`m open to sujestions  please feel free to sujest away


Feb 25, 11 5:12 AM | (2)


Male, 31

Hi ..

Why dont we find the real dates most of the time? Its place for finding each other a real date. Let us come forward to have a good relationship initially and move forward towards a enjoyful date. The time-passers & online **** seekers can be excused. Its all wasting of time for real people.

Feb 2, 11 7:09 AM | (0)


Male, 47

read the Profiles

take the time to read the profiles. if they don't have a pic. and have been a member . more than likely it's a **** girl.

I'm not saying ALL of them are.. but it's a good chance they are.

chat at your own risk. do NOT give out your ****-mail.  I made the mistake way back when. and got thousands of spam mail.

HAppy hunting, and may you be blessed with a real connection.



Jan 19, 11 8:23 PM | (0)


Male, 45

What we really expect

I'm not gonna lie, but I do think I can speak for a majority of men here.  We are not looking for anything long term.  If we were, we would be at that other site they advertise on TV, not on a site called "Be Naughty".  Am I wrong here?  I also know that many of these sites have "planted women" online, just to keep thing rolling and make the men feel they are interesting. 

So once we get by all this.....lets just lay it out on the...


Jan 19, 11 2:23 AM | (3)


Male, 47

Knowing what you want

Knowing what you want can sometimes be like a **** in a candy store here in BN.  So many to choose from, I like this and I like that.


OMG I just did not see that did I. yes  you will all sorts of things as people are people. it's a matter of how confident are you.

I have talked to many a new commers to the site, having been asked.

I'm being a Lady/Gent . yet why don't I get any replys back?  first off.. you have to remember with...


Jan 17, 11 4:45 PM | (0)


Male, 48

free members, and can't reply?

I haven't figured this site out yet...

You can send free Ice Breaker emails to anyone, but unless they are a paying member, they can't read them.  Got that.  stinks, but I get it...

Free members can't text.  Got that too.

Here's what I really want to know...  If the screen name shows on line,...


Dec 14, 10 7:31 PM | (10)


Male, 46

What happened?

Before I was a paying member I was getting alot of winks and flirts.  Once I became a mm\ember all I have gotten is proposals from foreign women looking for a husband.  What am I doing wrong?  Would like to find someone relatively close to Cleveland, or at least in Ohio.

Dec 11, 10 5:15 AM | (4)

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