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Male, 48

Make you ****/female ****

Fact all women do have the ability to ****/ejaculate when cumming, there is a trick to it, others it just cums natural, others can be taught, tell you , dont think so, give up my secrets, personally am a huge fan of the female ****!!!


Nov 1, 11 4:06 PM | (1)


Male, 60


I am absolutely amazed at the number of **** peeves or looking for are CLEAN MEN. I mean is this a boundary? Is it a real problem? Who are these women? Streetwalkers? Has anyone had an experience with someone abslolutely filthy? Or LOTS of filthy people so it registers in your preferences??


Oct 27, 11 5:05 PM | (1)


Male, 27

**** duradouro !

Vc se considera uma mulher boa **** ****?

É capaz de fazer tudo **** **** pra dar **** receber prazer?


Oct 26, 11 7:52 PM | (1)


Male, 51

The hottest night

I can still close my eyes and see that night in my mind. As I walked into the room, she had candles burning and reflecting off her skin. Beautiful tanned body and white lace panties as she **** back. She said in one of the sexiest voices I have ever heard " I've been waiting for you." I walked over to the edge of the bed and she sat in front of me, kissing my stomach as she slowly undone my zipper.. ****...


Oct 25, 11 5:38 AM | (0)


Male, 33

I love using my tongue

I've always loved performing **** on a female. It's such a turn on knowing that I'm making someone feel good. Having my tongue right on what makes her feel good, and then loooking into her eyes as she's feeling it is such a turn on to me. I would love to find someone who loves **** as much as I do, both giving and receiving, but even if who I find doesn't love giving then that's not a problem. Lay back and let me make you feel good. Let me show you what my tongue can do and...


Sep 20, 11 1:59 PM | (0)


Male, 53

On Being Bi on the Sly with Guys for My High

My wife would deny it - that I've been bisexual - which is just a degree of homosexualit - for as long as I can remember.  If you ask me that anywhere else - in my professional life, for instance, or my **** life, I'd give you a pretty convincing "what the #$% are you talking about" look and/or answer.  No, this closet is nailed shut. But on here, I can be more honest, or at least I'll try and be.


Sep 7, 11 2:44 AM | (1)


Male, 35

women who just wanna scratch an itch

look we guys no that as **** as we are most of the time you women are too,think about this when your ear itches when you scratch it what feels better your ear?,or your finger?    there is nothin wrong with recreational **** we all need it it releaves stress and damnit it just feels good its like runnin a marethon


Aug 11, 11 6:05 AM | (0)

I have been an "Erotic Telepath" for over thirty years and have has some amazing experiences with my partners. In my grade school years I remember reading an interesting thesis that suggested the rise of witchcraft in the "Old World" followed the rise of Christianity. In the new order females who had previously been quite central in many cultures and Pagan Societies now found themselves marginalized and subjegated by the patriarchal...


Aug 7, 11 3:14 AM | (0)

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Male, 40

about the benaughty

As the name of this site seems that the member do nothing but naughtyness. but making fool the the male friend and cheat them it is not morally and ethically. In my opinion this site can make our society world **** AIDS free. think and mesage me back. then I will answer.

Aug 2, 11 8:07 PM | (0)


Male, 29


a good match renders a better **** life

Jul 23, 11 10:47 AM | (0)

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