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wanna **** on a BIG **** ladies?

you can find the big **** you are longing for by sending me a message [Sorry, posting contact details is not allowed. Respectfully, Moderator]


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Male, 59

And I thought I was so lucky!!

She tapped she on the shoulder (ok virtually, in here) and said "Hi! How ya doin?" I looked up her profile as I always do, she's GORGEOUS! So. I expected a "why don't you join me on ****" but then... she kept chatting! I found the email, and the system seemed to think we had things in common! You're kidding me right?

We chatted. I laughed (have no idea if she did). It was nice.. calm... FUN for a change. Then I had to do it. I know she hadn't looked at my...


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Male, 61

Favorite Female **** Stars and Why?

It is so hard to decide my favorite pron star but Nina Mercedez is always in my top five.  If you follow her twitter account you will find out that she seems to be very likable. A Miss World **** is among her awards.  Those Latin curves knock me out everytime.


Leanne Crow really does it for me.  I have followed her for over a year now.  She must have lost 30 lbs or more and currently is in fabuloue shape.  The smile, the hair and of course...


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Male, 48

What type of **** satisfies you....

How would you relay to your partner what type of **** that you like?

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Male, 65

country hoe down

my first **** encouter.We had been kissing on,and off for a few months.She was a very pretty girl more like a tom boy we had know each other since we were ****.There were always hoe downs were area people got together to dance,and socialize needless to say we were country people.She was always trying to teach me how to kiss of course she would grab me and leed me to a safe place so nobody would see us even after church was...


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mutual fun and pleasure

50 m 5'10" 240. I am very sensual and caring lover; but I think that a walk in the park or in the mountains is a blast too. I would love to share thoughts and experiences with like minded ladies. Its not all about ****.

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Monday December 12, 2011

O'Dark 30 hours:

I am going to bed fianlly ... Insomnia is a pain, lol.


I decided to start a daily blog on here incase someone felt compelled to write along with me about their day and experiences of every day normal life.

I will add more information through out the day or at least at the end of the day for others to read and respond to if they feel like it...


Havea great morning world

Dec 12, 11 7:12 AM | (2)


Male, 34

I'm such an exhibitioninst!

Watching **** with the sound turned way up and all the curtains open.  Wonder if any neighbors are watching!

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Prostitution and Marriage

When I was married, I often wondered what the differences are between marriage and prostitution.  Needless to say, when I wondered this out loud, it often resulted in some uncomfortable moments with friends, **** and the wife.  But ti still bugs me that christianity took something that was fo pleasure, **** and made it a bad thing.  In Roman times, there were public bath houses, ****, brothels and the community lived and pursued life together.  But when the...


Dec 2, 11 7:20 AM | (7)

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Alright, maybe more into MILFs...

Does anyone remember when dating sites used to be free? Or at least you could message each other enough to get emails and go from there? There were hardly any erotic everyone wants to be ****. I don't mind so much, but it actually makes it harder to connect, because everyone is doing it.

Nov 10, 11 6:28 PM | (2)

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