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Male, 49

Quem sou.

Zeca Ribeiro, nasceu em abril de 1965 **** cidade de Gouveia , antigo distrito de Diamantina-Minas Gerais. Ainda pequeno, mudou-se para Brasilia, onde passou grande parte da sua vida. Sempre foi irrequieto, demonstrando ainda no primário seu interesse pela arte, música **** poesia, fazendo parte **** movimentos políticos **** culturais do Distrito Federal nos anos 80. Nessa época, Brasília era um...


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Male, 40

Trying to track my success, or my failure. Which ever it may become....

Today is my first day on this site. First off you should know I am atempting to acomplish meeting someone without having to **** for this site. I am in a relationship and just looking for fun on the side. Don't hate on me, just be glad I'm up front and honest abou it. Nothing wrong with some more action in your life, you only live once.

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Male, 39

Calgary Sissy boy

Just a quick intro to me,



I've been a houseboy - 3months

I've been **** with **** - less than 7 yrs

I've been in a gay relationship (3months)

I've been in poly-situations - 8 months

I've enjoyed 3-somes, and prefer one on one

I luv an audience of under 80 for certain ****

where I'm the thing being made an example of.


I can take a lot, just don't breath on my neck...

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Male, 58

So what of a **** at this but now I feel more comfortable

Now that I have had some experience here I feel that I can tell all you wonderful women that I am here to be your play toy. It can be online or face to face. I headways been a polite man as well as a man that truly wants to pleasure his partner first. Face it we guys are not made to **** hours on end ( although I have ) so I like to feel a girl cumm as many times as I can get her to before we ****. I am a...


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**** spot

Why is it difficult for a man to find **** spot of a woman? Is it because every woman has a different **** spot? If this is the case than why does every woman have a different **** spot? Is it because every woman has a different thought process regarding **** or is it coz they themselves don't know what is their **** spot untill they realize by hit and trial....

Is it coz women have different needs, different set of expectations from her man.. I for sure know that a man has only 1 spot and...


Oct 12, 12 10:12 AM | (1)

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Male, 48

Ring that engorged bell :-)

Just make certain that you know how she wants it done!  Some women don't like to have their **** directly touched, some want it lightly touched, others want you to be almost rough about it - no two clits are the same - okay, so to speak.

This is a nice thing to do to help a woman get those **** out of her system.  But, some want the string for the bell to be pulled, as opposed to actually directly touching the bell.  So, find out what your lady wants done with...


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Male, 48

The importance of going down on a woman - and getting the job done right!

Some people just don't seem to understand out to eat a beaver.  What's really strange, is how one could be confused about anatomy, with so many women shaving themselves bald in the crotch area. 

A person might wish to try to get themselves in the right mindset, in order to carry this out with the desired outcum.

Watch some people online, who are playing a sax.  Good sax = GREAT ****.  That's a good starting point.  Think about it, a good ab workout...


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Male, 53

Seeking an adventurous playmate!

Looking for woman who would enjoy being orally treated! And can experioence long bouts of **** fun! Let's discuss the possibities!


Sep 10, 12 11:17 PM | (0)


Male, 57


I'm just a regular guy, soon to turn 56, who can still enjoy and plans to for many years to come. I've been sexually active since I was thirteen. In the more than 40 years that have passed, I can look back and breakdown my experinces into some roughly defined periods, each with a distinct difference from those that came before.

All the guys remember what it was like to be a **** teenager, that ever-pervasive biological imperative to spread your DNA whever and whenever you could....


Sep 2, 12 7:52 PM | (0)


Male, 62

this is an unusual place...

never thought i'd be on a site like this but, here i am. in all fairness, i have a good reason, though i have no idea what to expect from this. i guess i'm hoping to maybe run into a cool woman with the right head on her shoulders to have some fun. could be it would turn into something more but, one thing i will never do, like ever, is lead anyone on, or tolerate them doing it to me. if we click physically, we can have fun, and no headaches from it later. if not, we just enjoy the company...


Aug 10, 12 12:01 AM | (0)

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