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Male, 48

Sensory Dom Tantilization!!!
Sensory played with or teased? NOW I've got your attention!! YES all your senses. Go ahead give it some thought.........erotic thought. Blindfolded, silk tied, Headphones,clamped


Sep 15, 10 5:22 AM | (0)

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Male, 36

Mature Women

I have a weakness for older women, black, asian, latino, thick, women. Any in TN that down


Sep 4, 10 5:02 PM | (0)


Male, 34

Amazing Tounge

I love going down on you ladies, so if getting your wet **** **** and flicked all night is your pleasure, then send me a line!  I want to taste you!

Aug 28, 10 5:18 PM | (1)

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Male, 48

to the ladies


 what i have been throw i dont like i have 4 **** 3 live with my **** to be  sick of fighting over nothing i work come she start biching well i am on he find some nice dont mind ****  i love ****

 dont care if your black or green lol we are all the same

 just have to be in the usa or in or round mass so i can drive see i

just meet some. from this site sead usa but there not. there in the uk .thats not right  stop lieing...


Aug 21, 10 7:15 PM | (0)


Male, 43

i dont **** know
where the **** do i start with one of these i know what know what im so sick and tired of is these bullshit women "hi ****" then "i'm **** " then "you got webcam" oh but not here lets go to my private room heres the catch just click onto my link and evrytime it is some website that as usual want your c.c. number not one of thse **** has been honest yet this is a **** up thing to say but the smartest thing that comes out of...


Aug 17, 10 6:19 PM | (0)


Male, 49

Golden Rain

I'm looking at profiles on this site and I see that a significant number of women mark that they would be interested in "golden rain." I have to woner if they really know what that is. Maybe I'm a **** prudish, but are that many women really into it? And while I'm at it, what do they really mean when they ask a woman if they enjoy "taking their man from behind?" Makes me a **** nervous.

Jul 30, 10 3:43 PM | (2)


Male, 61


We met one night, riveted. 

I wound up more than she'd expected. 

Intense, romantic, unflappable and confident.  Our eyes riveted. 

She kept explaining herself to me, laughed, knowing there was no need.  Her girlfriend had seduced me previously on her way to other tantric journeys.  She...


Jul 25, 10 8:53 AM | (0)


Male, 37

Pleasure should be worth while and not while it lasted

Why is pleasure so difficult to find in someone whom enjoys it for the furthest extent possible. Pleasure should last for hours. I mean foreplay can never be too much, especially with a high arousal point, so where is everyone who wants that, and to experience it, rather than dream it. It is like, not just men, but women as well, have forgotten pleasure, or are weary of its feel, and understand what satisfaction really is. Am i alone on this dilemma, or do...


Jul 21, 10 12:41 PM | (0)


Isn't there any ladies out there that want to "play" with me or be played with?


Jul 15, 10 8:36 PM | (1)


Couple (man and woman), 37

Confessions of an Oversexed Housewife

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Mar 13, 10 12:29 AM | (3)

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