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to flirt or not to flirt, that is the question?

knock on the door, ring the bell, and if the key is under the mat, then let yourself in, for the world of flirting can be fun, only if you understand the elements with. understand the mind and you understand the person, know the person and you stimulate the brain.

Jul 23, 14 8:16 PM | (0)

I know what I like...but I don't know why.

Psychologists tell us that our **** tastes can be formed early in life.  We all know what we like but do we really know where these tastes came from?

One of my biggest turn-ons is female **** hair.  I know exactly where this came from, from my first girlfriend Susanna.  She was beautiful girl, pale skin, luminous blue eyes and a mischievous smile.  All the boys fancied her, but she chose me to explore with in the summer of 1970.  We lived in a village in...


Jul 23, 14 11:12 AM | (3)


Male, 48

Women want great **** more than men want ****...
As a guy, you can have mediocre **** and still finish. Woman on the other hand, usually don't finish at all from mediocre ****. With GREAT **** a woman can easily finish 3, 5, or even 10 times.


And guys when a woman has great ****, it changes EVERYTHING about how she feels about you and most importantly how she treats you.




Jun 28, 14 8:41 PM | (0)


Male, 43

Excited about my **** ****

To everyone who's ever wondered what it's like to be restrained, teased, and brought to the edge of **** desire, then this blog is especially for you. I was very lucky

Jun 25, 14 5:00 PM | (0)


Male, 50

Hello EVERYONE Welcome to My FIRST BLOG!

I am the one of the new guys in here hoping to find someone for me!!

So far I am very frustrated with the lack of or delebrete people not reading my profile and...


Jun 24, 14 5:04 AM | (0)

today was a good day

went out for a ride around the area on my bike and also met up with a girl i used to be friends (with benefits) years ago but haven't seen since going to uni. well turns out she wanted to spend some time reminising on old times, literally.Most fun **** i've had in ages, great playing around teasing each other (some awsome 69ing, i was once again complemented on my **** **** skill) followed by a great ****. We had some lunch, went back to hers and had a round 2, which...


Jun 16, 14 7:11 PM | (0)

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Male, 41

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Hi, I'm not a full member yet, so please contact me via this blog.



May 9, 14 6:19 AM | (0)

why do so many wanna chat n not meet
i have a hard time understanding why so many just want chat n **** chat instead of meeting for the real thingg. if u would rather one on one **** n meeting let me know


May 3, 14 3:55 PM | (2)

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Female, 34

A safaada....

             Eu recem separada nunca tinha ido à uma balada... Muito menos nunca tinha dançado funk... Filha de pastor eu nca imaginei eu dançando isso.Meu marido saiu de casa por outra me disse q eu so gorda demais p ele ter tesao... Mas foi no aniversario de uma amiga no Carioca q no começo eu me senti deslocada q uma coisa louca aconteceu... Eu estava de calça preta justa **** regata branca eu sou bem gordinha mesmo......


Mar 27, 14 4:27 AM | (0)


Pra começar, só vou falar com quem tiver as devidas fotografias no perfil. Acho que não é pedir demais né.. Já que eu coloquei tbm. Combinado? Bjuuuuuuu **** vamos rezar hahahaha =P

Mar 21, 14 11:29 PM | (0)

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