The Fun I Have Had On This Site!

Well were do I begin? let us start on the day I joined the site as a paid member, I started a chat with a very nice woman I thought, but there were problems with the chat and she thought I was the one that was doing something that really **** her off... now I am telling the whole world I have no idea what happened... I complimented her and that was the last she would speak to me... she said thanks for the compliament and nothing else. I did nothing that I know of I did not get any of her messages and she got none of mine, ok I really felt bad and tried to explain but she would not even respond... loss number one. Now lets go to the next time I was chatting with a very nice girl I thought and the same thing happened again, O my F_C_I_G god, and the very same treatment was doled out to me.... nothing no response and again I was chatting and did not get any of her messages and she got none of mine, really happy at this point two very promising ladies to meet and date, so that was number two, now lets go to the last strike out for me, I was talking to a very very hot lady, well all three were hot in my book, and we are chatting and asking questions and then nothing total freeze up and there again I believe that this last lady will never acknowledge me or answer any of my requests for a talk, then there are two women that say they want this and that and that is me to a "T" so I respond and guess what yup nothing, so as for me I have had alot of fun on this site and I have had a lot of hurt, but what hurts the most is that these women are talking serious and because of a glitch in the site **** they will not even give me another chance to prove that I was not to blame... now I hope all that come to this site have a much better time than I have and let me tell you I have had a blast.

Is this an isolated incendent or has this happened to others? How are you doing on this site?

Jul 1, 12 12:20 AM


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