**** fantasies/Erotic writing

I don't know why, but I have this craving to have **** with a couple.

I see a guy and a girl on a couch, her back against his chest and his **** slowing moving in and out of her wet ****. I begin to take my clothes off and get down on my hands and knees. I over to them and position myself in between their legs, and wait for the right moment, when his **** slips out of her ****. I lean over and take his **** into my mouth and slowly begin to **** his hard **** into my mouth.

I curl my tongue around the head of his **** and slowly engulf his ****, as deep as it will go till my nose is pressing against his girl friends wet ****. I **** on his **** for a while and then insert his **** back into his girlfriends ****, and then begin I **** her ****, while he slowly **** his **** in and out of her.

After a **** while I can hear the grown that indicate a load d of **** is approaching, so I pull his **** out of her wet **** and began to **** his hard ****, while he finger his girlfriend. I can fell the head of his **** throbbing, about to explode in my mouth and Just as he was about to **** I take his **** and put back into her **** and let him **** insider her a few ****. Then I pull his still **** **** from her **** soaked **** and pumped the rest of his come into my mouth and on my face. His warm **** felt good on my face.

After a few moments of **** the **** from his ****, I lean down and began to **** the **** from his girlfriend's **** soaked ****, trading licks between his **** and her ****.



Mar 6, 13 11:37 PM


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First, What a nice ****. I got **** reading your story. mI wish you were here in Fremont, Ca. Just admitting I am Bi.

7/4/13 9:56 PM

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