My Fantasy Scenario..
**** fantasies/Erotic writing

I walk into the room to find you ****, on your knees at the edge of the bed. You put your face in the pillows as you reach back and spread your ****, giving me a clear view of your **** pink ****. I begin undressing as I approach you. You spread your **** wider, and tell me how badly you want me to **** your ****. As my tongue slowly probes your ****, my fingers lightly rub your ****. I continue to kiss and **** your **** while massaging your **** until I have your **** nice and wet. I then push my tongue deeper into your tight **** **** as I slide my fingers deeper inside your eager ****, and begin massaging your gspot. I continue to **** and eat your **** while fingerfucking your ****. As I start rubbing your gspot faster, my tongue probes your **** and ****, tasting your juices. I **** your gspot faster and slide my tongue deeper inside your **** until I feel you shaking with need of release. As you start to ****, I press my face against your ****, sliding my tongue deep inside your ****. I probe your **** with the tip of my finger as you ****, **** your juices into my mouth.

After you ****, you grab my ****, wrap your lips around it, and begin to **** and tongue my swollen and throbbing ****. I beg you to 69 me, so I can taste your perfect, juicy **** and **** as your lips work my ****. You stroke and **** my ****, then beg me to shoot my hot **** in your mouth. As I explode inside your mouth, I ram my tongue deep into your ****, tonguefucking you as you swallow my ****.

After I ****, you get on your back, and pull your legs back behind your head. I work my way down, ****, kissing and **** your thighs as my tongue works its way to your ****. You pull your legs back farther, and I begin to **** on your throbbing **** while fingerfucking your **** fast and hard. I roll my tongue around your **** as my fingers work your gspot, making your soaking wet **** **** repeatedly. As I **** your **** from your ****, you beg me to slam my **** inside you. With your legs still behind your head, I begin to **** your soaking wet **** with an urgent need. I feel your muscles tighten and constrict as you **** again with my **** inside you. I roll you over, get you on your knees, and begin to pound your eager **** from behind. I ram my hard **** deep inside you, bringing you to another screaming ****. You reach back, grab my ****, and tell me you want to feel my **** in your ****. I slowly begin sliding my **** into your tight **** ****. As I work you slowly, you beg me to **** your **** harder. I spread your **** ****, and pull you toward me, **** your **** nice and deep. As I **** your **** faster, deeper, and harder, you scream for me to **** deep inside your ****.

Feb 23, 11 12:19 AM


that was so hot... mmm

7/19/11 7:56 AM


2/28/11 3:11 AM

mmm sounds wonderful to me

2/25/11 2:21 PM

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