Hey ya'll hope everybody is doing alright...As for me I'm bout ready to say **** this LOVE ****...I meet a great guy we spend every waking moment either on line or on the phone and then out of the blue I go from being the woman of his dreams to nothing.....That **** part of my heart that he had is battered and bruised once agian....AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES !!! And yeah guess I am insecure,wouldn't know why tho...I  mean I've been put on a pedestal so many times only to be knocked off....I dunno I just don't understand what it is that these wonderful guys are looking for......  .... ****

Jan 12, 11 6:01 PM


It will probably happen when you least expect it. Don't force it and it will come to you.
They probably didn't deserve you, in the first place.

1/18/11 7:03 AM

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Well today I'm in a better mood . Got a few things cleared up I think. But I still don't have a clue I think I am as confused now as I was before. How bout all these men who say they are looking for something real sit down with pen & paper and make a list of what it is exactly you are looking for. Yeah wouldn't that be a novel idea ? let's call a truce everybody be real clear as to what it is you want,put it in your profile.. AND EVERYONE CAN ACTUALLY READ THE DAMN THINGS And maybe just maybe some of us will actually find what & who we want....

1/14/11 11:09 PM

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