Hi I'm AngelDevil1960 ! Not real sure what it is I need to be saying here other than I'm looking for A VERY SPECIAL TYPE PERSON.. I am NOT looking to get Married(I've done that 4 times!) I am also NOT loking for someone to live with..I want a Comitted Relationship but I also want my own space..So the person I WELCOME into my life is gonna have to be someone I can trust,I should not have to be there 24/7 for you to be faithful to me nor should I have to question you or your where-abouts when we are apart....As my Profile states I am Bi-**** so the person I seek may be Male or Female NOT BOTH I only have 1 Relationship at a time and do not feel that I might be missing something on the otherside of the tracks...I am not looking for a Woman who feels the need to act Male,if I want a Man I'll be with a Man.I want a Woman who is just who she is sometimes soft & cuddly sometimes alittle tough but always who she truely is I don't DO FAKE nor am I looking for it!! Well check-out my profile if you like it let me know if you don't like it then I wish you luck on your search.....**** ****

Dec 27, 10 9:19 PM


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