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what is a normal date? I keep hearing stories of dates that progress wonderfully well and how the couples live happily ever after but to be honest the stories where things go awry are far more entertaining. I had one date run away literally. He said he needed to get something out of hios car but he never came back just drove off without a word. Months later he was back pestering for another date saying he had been nervous!!!! He was nothing like his profile so he had every right to be flipping nervous but anyhow hes history.

A friend on spotting her date from the carpark made a quick exit when the so called strawberry blonde turned out to be a carrot top. Nothing wrong with that but she detests the colour and he was smoking but had told her he was a non smoker that was a huge no no as far as she was concerned!!


I cannot understand why folks lie so blatently on their profiles when it is obvious they will be found out when meeting.

May 21, 14 9:31 PM


Reply to Damion
i have few expectations of my prince that way i wont be disappointed

6/7/14 9:35 PM

Gotta keep the faith then the princes in this world will feel your vibe at the end of the day you will always dictate the outcome as it should be draw a line in the sand regarding your expectations of your ideal prince when he arrives in your life no time frame for this but when it happens see how quick time flys then just like a old time favourite pudding you never get sick off ambrosia it's always worth the wait hope it goes well xx

6/3/14 4:43 PM

Reply to Damion
maybe i am just cynical. And you do have a way with words too ****

6/3/14 4:28 PM

Reply to ambrosia69
Prince and princess white horses and finery may be the stuff found on the Disney channel for every fool that tries to fool can only the fool the fool sifting through the muck can lead you to the prize what you do from there will either change your life or confirm your own truth. The key is mutual respect understanding and tolerance that's when the sparks fly may be the fool who tries to fool is a blessing he can only **** in those that wanna be taken and you don't sound like that there may still be a white horse and carriage with a Prince in there waiting for you.

6/3/14 3:01 PM

Reply to Damion
interesting concept but lies are found out when face to face, why lie in the first place you fool nobody other than to yourself. The imagination is a fantastic tool but life is reality. One day my prince will come is a myth perpetrated by Disney and the movies. Sometimes it is nice to slip into make believe but you need to be aware that reality will bite your bum. Better to have no expectations for a meet then you wont be disappointed. BUT if you really don't like smoking or drinking then it is hard to look past the fact that they lied and said they didn't. Also should you form a relationship it will put added pressures upon you both.

6/3/14 1:19 PM

In the comfort of your bed room which is the world you feel safe , why look in the mirror imagination is the place, the skinny man is the hulk, the big man has a ripped,stacked six pack, it's a strawberry colour world with a carrot top tinge , non smokers smoke , and lies live with in, its ok to imagine in a world you feel safe !!!!! Don't hit the button to **** space, time to meet greet and say hello what happened to the hulk and my six pack to go, imagination a wonderful thing until you face to face , half truths become lies, ones left in the street, left to imagine what it might have all been, in the comfort of your bedroom in your safe place stay up front when playing in **** space, then you won't be left imagining with egg on your face.

6/3/14 3:59 AM

Reply to NickofNotts
sounds like a great date. I hope there were more xx

5/28/14 9:05 AM

No such thing as a normal first date, I think everyone Ive been on has been different ( all 3 of them) But my favourite was a meeting at a pub at lunch time, It was a red hot day, she was sitting there in a very pretty dress...I was a minute late, and she never let me forget...We had a couple of drinks and then decided we would go to a local park with lakes and a visitor center...we drove to the park and spent all afternoon walking around looking for the lake...It had vanished, apparently we were in the wrong park...But we spent the whole afternoon, chatting, laughing, holding hands and cuddling....I dont think it would have mattered where we were that day...I was with the most wonderful woman

5/25/14 8:54 PM

Reply to metallica
maybe he was a pirate with an eye patch! anyhow i haven't spoken with him lol

5/24/14 11:59 PM

ohhhhh.......theres nowt worse than a SMOKING CARROT TOP .......

as for your BREAST bloke....mebbies he only had 1 eye.....and that woz ****.......afterall.....yer could'nt miss that fine PAIR of puppies from

5/24/14 11:18 AM

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