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Where he came from I have no idea he merely popped up one night out of the blue saying "can we talk, I like your profile" in a mail. That was a couple of weeks or so ago now. As always I answered as it  was neither a flirtcast nor an icebreaker (although if it is a quiet night I will respond to them to point out that most ladies just delete them unread) And that was the start of the conversation.

Initially it was all inconsequential small talk moving from email, which was proving slow and erratic to chat, which seemed more stable at that time. Then one night when chat became its usual glitch filled self we exchanged contact numbers and moved to texting. He was always very polite, never rude nor crude and full of gentle humour. Within a few days the number of texts increased until it was inevitable that one of us should broach the subject of actually meeting.

He had no pictures up on his profile and I have no face picture on mine so neither of us knew what the other actually looked like. He explained later that he'd had one up before but had been rejected a few times when women had looked and that had hurt. (turns out those women were after an Adonis, a gym bunny which he isn't, he is your average guy and has a lovely smile) We did actually ask the other if the details on the profile were accurate to gain some insight into one another. Laughing we agreed to **** date  rather than exchange pictures first. Yes there is a danger in doing that, but it can also be exciting to not know who you are meeting, after all you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. A cliché I know but very true. 

A meeting point was identified which was about halfway by distance but closer to him in drive time. Easily accessible and a busy public space as it was to take place in the evening.  We chose a pub to meet and have a relaxed drink together in comfy safe surroundings where we could get to know one another easily. Initially we had agreed to meet a couple of days later and spend the afternoon together but then he asked if we could meet for a drink first so that i didnt waste a day off if I decided I didn't like him. "**** an considerate"  I thought. The day of the get together arrived and I wasn't evern nervous but I knew that would kick in later on the journey. He text that morning to say he had a few nerves but was looking forward to meeting all the same and was counting down the hours.

Since the last time I had driven there a few years ago they had changed the roundabout layout and the carpark at the pub charged you to stay though it was refundable on your drinks at the bar should you be bothered to reclaim it. Ten minutes before the time we agreed to meet he text to say he had arrived while I was a still some miles away. Although I had taken a sneaky look at the text on the open road when no trafic was about there was no way i would send a text myself unless I stopped to do it. Traffic in the city had held me up as it was rush hour and then once passed the city boundary I was held up by an ice cream **** (who the heck wants ice cream on a chilly dark evening  out in the sticks beats me), and so I was running late by a few minutes. Pulling into the carpark i looked around to identify his car. We had swapped make model and year/letter of registration to make identification easier. pulling into a space i saw what I thought was his car parked a litle further along the line and text him to say I had arrived.

As I got out of my car he came towards me smiling and explained about the car park tickets then went off to get one for me before I could even close the door, bless him what a gent. He seemed a **** nervous but had lovely twinkly eyes and and a great smile. Good start I thought to myself. Together we walked across to the pub. He held the door open and waited for me to go in first. Then he asked what I would like to drink suggesting I go and find somewhere comfy to sit while he went to the bar. I had to smile when he came back to check again on what i would like, as in his nervous state he had forgotten. Back he came with my soft drink and his shandy. Neither of us wanting to drink and drive afterwards. After settling down his first question was " am I  what you expected?"  I had to explain that I had no expectations and had deliberately not tried to gather a mental image just incase he didnt match up. lets face it we can often be surprised if we do. The conversation flowed easily and many questions asked of one another some not answered immediately but he was good at returning to those until he had an answer but without it feeling like an interrogation. Once or twice he became a **** flustered searching for a word to ask a question in the correct way. He was careful to not cause offense and **** his cards on the table as to his situation.

We had to be careful to a certain extent as there were other people sat around us who could overhear the conversation and it was obvious the couple at the next table were indeed listening in by the expressions on their faces. Tough they shouldn't have eavesdropped, or maybe they were jealous as neither looked happy and quickly finished their meals and left scowling at each other. As we finished our drinks he tentatively suggested we move to  one of the cars to continue our conversation further without ears flapping so we could talk more personally. Walking back across the car park felt very natural and relaxed. He opened the door for me tso i could get into his car, his being roomier (and neater) than mine and we sat chatting  for a while before moving in for a tentative first kiss at the same inglintime. mmmm he gets brownie points for his technique i must say, tingling I wanted more of that

All too soon we had to depart as he was tied for time needing to get home to his **** and several hours had passed all too quickly.. Neither of us really wanted to go but needs must. He asked if he could see me again as planned. Grinning I agreed it would be most pleasurable to do so especially after taht kiss!. He then told me to drive safely and asked me to text him to let him know I had arrived home safely asking first how long it should take. Then he said he would wait until I had started my car to ensure I was ok to leave, actually he insisted upon it. What fabulous manners. He drove carefully behind me until our journeys took us in different directions.

On reaching home I text him the moment I was inside the house thanking him for a very pleasent evening in good company. He responded with a confession that he had wanted to kiss me the moment I had got out of my car but he hadn't wanted to scare me off that quickly. Yet more brownie points awarded for his chivalry.

Will have to see how reserved/shy he is next time I think, something tells me that now the ice has been broken he will forget to be shy but his impeccable manners will remain 





Feb 16, 14 11:56 PM


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