Dating Disaster

Dating disaster

After two months of chatting and finding out about one another we decided to meet up. Online he had been chatty and open, talking about his failed marriage and his hopes for the future. We shared a few interests but lived 200 miles apart. Out of the blue he suggested we meet halfway for a meal and drink.

Accordng to his profile he was medium build and 5' 10" just an average kind of guy who seemed pleasant enough. But to be on the safeside I had let a couple of friends know what I was up too and where we were going to meet. He had mentioned a pub on a road I thought I knew reasonably well in a built up area, but I couldn't recall the pub he mentioned. He did say it had been a while since he had been there so we agreed to actually meet on a busy layby so he could lead the way in. This was just incase he had remembered it wrongly.

On the agreed date I set out, texting my mate before I left to say I was starting out. As luck would have it I hit huge congestion in Worcester which delayed me. Once I was through the traffic I pulled over and text him to say I would be running late. He text back to say he had been delayed at work and was just about to set off from the office. I then text my mate to say times had changed but would keep her informed.

Driving onto the motorway I began to catch up on lost time as the traffic was flowing freely. Just before the motorway services my fone beeped so I pulled off. Really needed a comfort break as it was a hot summers day and I was thirsty after being in the congestion. I used the ladies and grabbed an ice cold cola and sat down to check the message. He had got **** in congestion so was going to be delayed by half an hour. Checking the time on my mobi, I now had time to kill. So i stayed at the cool services as it was more comfortable in there than sitting on the side of a busy road in the sun. I text him back to say i was taking a comfort break so would meet him at the new time. Again I updated my mate, her response was to laugh and ask if he was good looking and worth the hassle!

Setting off I motored along to the agreed meeting point arriving 5 mins early. I text him the exact location. A few minutes later the black saloon pulled in front of me after flashing his lights. I got out of the car and walked to his to say hello. He was a nice looking guy. He said the pub as he remembered it was on the other side of the dual carriageway so we would need to go to the next roundabout and double back. I still had no recollection of the pub, but he assured me he had used it many times but it was probably ten years ago! Getting back into my car I quickly test my friend to say what was happening then pulled off behind him. As we reached the roundabout I hadn't seen any pub on the other side, he indicated and drove off on a side road not doubling back as expected. A couple of miles on he pulled into a macdonalds car park. Carefully I followed him in, as it was  now teatime it was rather busy.

He dropped the window nearest to me  and smiled. The pub he had meant had been pulled down since he was last in the area and the macdonalds now stood on the site of another good pub he had frequented. He said not to worry as he was pretty sure there was another one not far away.He apologised for the drive through saying he had no intention of **** at a fast food joint! i have to say I was finding this very funny and wasn't at all worried. A text came through from my mate asking if all was ok. so as he wound his window back up I made a brief call to her to tell her what was going on. She said to be careful he could be a nutter. Told her not to worry as she was on fast dial on my fone should I need her. (she knew the make model and reg of my car just incase, and now knew the location)

He waited till I pulled up behind him then drove off into the suburbs of the city. Although I didn't know the actual road we were on it was near to where I did know and i could easily find my way back. A couple of miles further on we came to a large roundabout. He managed to pull onto it and took the third exit although I had briefly lost sight of him in the traffic I saw him turn left. As soon as I could I followed him. Eventually I **** him up to discovewr that the black Audi I had followed was a midnight  Blue Merc.... ooops. Damn I had followed the wrong car so I text him saying had lost him after taking the third exit. He text back to say wait he would come and find me. Half an hour later I get another text asking exactly where was I as he couldnt see my car anywhere on the road. Puzzled I foned him but he didnt answer probably because he was  driving. Anyway I ddint like where I was parked so I text him to say I was going back to the main roundabout and would wait for him there. Finding a good place to stop safely I parked up with a good view of all the exits so I text him to say which road I was on and facing. Twenty minutes later I had another text saying he still couldn't find me and was at the roundabout. Have to say by now I was getting **** off. I was still hot and getting hungry as I had skipped lunch. I didn't see how he couldn't find me after all the car was bright red and I had checked we were talking about the same roundabout. Fifteen minutes later I had a text asking if I was ok and saying he was really sorry for the mix up. Ten minutes later he foned and said he had to go to the airport as his **** had arrived on an early flight and would I be ok to get home!!! (the reason he wanted to meet there originally was he had to collect his parents from the airport at 10pm)

Told him not to worry I knew how to get out of the city. Turned the car round and foned my mate to let her know what had occured. She was legless  with laughter but concerned incase I was in trouble. Told her I was only 10 mins from the motorway so was fine but mega **** off and thirsty.

Driving back home I realised there was nothing quick to cook in the fridge so called at a chinese for a takeaway. Sat back at home **** the food hours later than planned. I sent him a text thanking him for the most unusual of dates. At no point had he got out of his car! I had been roasted in traffic and took a scenic detour round a city  resulting in 140 mile round trip to eat a chinese takeaway at home.

Three days later I had a sheepish email saying sorry for all the hassle it hadn't been his intention to create such a disaster...

Did we ever meet again.................... not a chance. He slunk off into the night too embarrassed.



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