The Circle

The Circle.

I gazed in wondorous delight at the **** man lying with me and gently stroked his smoothly shaven cheek. His long eyelashes briefly flicked open to reveal a glimpse of his slumberous dark eyes. I could tell that he didn't see anything as he was still deep in slumber disturbed only for a second by my caress. He returned to his sleep his head nestling between my ****, relaxing as only the exhausted can. The corners of his mouth were upturned slightly so he appeared to be smiling in his repose. He looked so peaceful and calm that i wanted to capture this  moment forever.

            Half an hour earlier the scene had been very different and I couldn't help smiling at the contrast. He was and indeed is a passionate lover and his experience had fashioned him into a caring, considerate and energetic man, the sort that many women can only dream of meeting. His slender fingers had deftly tweaked and stroked my **** until it was swollen and throbbing under his touch, bringing forth the inevitable **** that had rampaged throughout my body. But he hadn't stopped there, those persistent fingers caused wave after wave of pleasure resulting in stars bursting in my head. He allowed this to subside before gently plunging deeper to find the ****-spot and teased that into fulfilment. This was only the beginning once those **** had peaked he began to use his expert tongue burying his face between my twitching thighs to lap up the juices he had caused to flow from me.

            Eventually he came up for air and kissed me deeply so I could taste myself on him. Then he worked his way round my body teasing each **** in turn gently nipping them between his teeth. He knew just how to turn me on with barely a word a spoken. Returning to kiss my hot mouth his deft tongue plundering its depths. Meanwhile he adjusted his body position until he was kneeling between my parted thighs and slowly he entered me his rigid **** pressing into me, sliding those wet throbbing other lips apart he slid in to the hilt. I could taste myself on his tongue as he began to slide in and out as my muscles griped his hard **** unwilling to let him slide out fully. Gentle at first his thrusts became more insistent as his own climax built up our bodies falling into a natural rhythm. He gazed into my eyes as his own darkened with lust as his body began twitching signalling the start of the inevitable ****. Suddenly he juddered as he spurted his **** deep within me a veritable fountain pumping out in a series of spurts bringing on another **** of my own.

            We relaxed a while spent as our bodied recovered and heart rates slowed down to a normal rate before starting again. Each time finding new ways to bring each other to that pinnacle of excitement sharing our pleasures in one another. It was several hours later after our passions had been satiated for the time being that we collapsed exhausted. Our bodies still entwined initially as we closed our eyes. Some time later I woke to find him still slumbering his head nestling between my ****.....


Feb 16, 14 11:46 PM


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