a **** about me

I wonder sometimes why I'm doing this,  chasing ghosts, frustrating myself with false hope. My situation is thus....my significant other was sick a few years back. It got tough for a while but she beat it. Unfortunately it killed her **** drive. Add to that a 10 year age difference and you begin to see the issue. She doesn't enjoy **** any more, but I'm still a **** starved maniac. Doesn't mean I care any less for her, everything else is fine. I don't blame her or intend to leave over it, but if I don't get some relief then things are likely going to become increasingly tense. I know how I get. Didn't think it would be this tough to **** in St. Louis, not like I live in the middle of nowhere. So....the search continues.

Jan 27, 14 4:07 PM


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