Just Rewards


Just Rewards



We have grown to adore each other. The time spent has uncovered a deep undulating passion that you have confessed that you wanted to explore....finally once again convinced that my respect, my desire for your total femininity is genuine. You know deep inside yourself that I want only for you to be able to express yourself as a woman not judged. As a lover equal and not ridiculed.


This weekend I had promised would be special. My holding back has only inflamed your desire to be touched ****. As the days came closer to the weekend, my kisses were there and they called out to you. I have an uncanny way of fueling the flame of your desire but not taking it it all the way through this week. When we made **** together my arms would encircle you from behind, not groping but you sense my need as well. While you keep preparing the food and I have put down my knife at the salad board, my arms adoring around you, my kisses fall lightly on your neck, and you offer it freely hoping for more. One of my hands covers your tummy, holds you close to me. My other arm moves up not touching your chest intimately but higher still until my arm crosses your chest my hand rests on your shoulder. Kisses fall on your neck like swan's down. Arms hold you close, so close you know you are protected inside and out. But I do not press farther along. The way I touch you but do not invade.....yet; the words I so carefully choose to show you that I do see you as equal in all things only serves to make you want me to go after you even more aggressively.


Each night this week has been a varied version of tugging on your sensuality only to be gently rested and not taken. You are wanting to be taken so badly. Somewhere in the middle of the week, the magic takes over. My touches, my words send you over the edge. Your mind agrees that I have promised this weekend to be special. But the sensuality that is raging inside you is maddening. You have purposed in your heart to see your own desire through to completion. Visions in your intelligent mind play out of how you go for what you have wanted for so many years. The scenes in your mind call out for you to be absolutely forward, to demand of me the right to make love in deepest passion, to tease me, to wantonly be a complete woman who becomes without inhibition, to keep yourself on the lustful edge of **** by playing out the ways you have wanted your body to be sensuously pleasured only for the singular purpose of **** enjoying yourself with a lover obsessed toward the very same goal: Kitten's full and complete rapture over and over again.


So in your mind you have taken over. On Friday, you carefully make several well timed phone calls to me making sure a good part of my work day is focused on what we both plan to be a very special weekend. The first call you ask if we are making **** together again. Your coy voice tells me you will not be denied this night. You inform me that you have been turned on for days and nothing short of the full night's attention will allow my being forgiven. A second call only a few moments later, you inform me that you are planning to wear the outfit that makes you feel the most gorgeous. You whisper to me how you have tried it on just now, how you imagine my strong hands roaming over your body, telling me on the phone how your **** feel so full and that even now your **** ache. You know Ii am just about to go to a meeting and that I am powerless to dash the erotic vision of you from my mind and mostly my heart as I present in the meeting. A third call, an hour before I can head for home. You share with me over the phone how each of my adoring actions toward you have served so strongly to make you a woman focused only on enjoying the lust that I have fueled this last week. During this call, when I can speak privately, freely, I agree with you how passionate my desire for you is as well. I tell you how in recent weeks we have enjoyed making love almost each day sometime; and how your ways make me so devoted to you. I finally ask you if you are now ready to let yourself follow the desires of your heart and your body. I hear only a breathless “Yes, Hurry” as you hang up the phone softly.


As I enter our home, it feels different; feels full of anticipation. I go to the kitchen expecting to find you there, alas no. I turn toward the sound of you moving into the doorway, so absolutely gorgeous. The simple well fitted t shirt cut in a way that makes you look the most adorable girl next door kind of ****. It is cut so that the bottom is not tucked in, but only an inch or so of your flat tummy shows. The outline of the bra underneath is evident but I cannot tell which one you wear now. No stockings but awesome **** and you have on this awesome skirt that makes me want you soo badly. Not a miniskirt and not denim but a casual skirt that lets me see much of your gorgeous thighs. I move to you, pull you close, one hand on your back, other hand goes to your hot **** holding you tight to my turned on manhood. Our kiss is long, deep, soo sensuously passionate. As we kiss I can feel you grinding your pelvis on my hard thick rod. I feel you wiggling your **** against my hand. Our kiss ended, you lean away from me, making your mound press even harder onto my center. Your eyes sparkle, you remind me that I have promised you a special weekend and you end the remark with a very forward, “**** up”.


I confirm again that you want totally be free to follow your own desires and to enjoy. You answer affirmatively by rubbing your pelvis even more erotically on my throbbing hardness. I pick you up carry you to the living room, you grab the stereo remote on the way and you flip on the music you have cued up. I move to kiss you more, but you playfully hold me back. UH UH big boy, First- more candles, less clothes. Grinning , I move around the room, lighting 12 candles as I watch your hands roam over your body. For a brief moment your hand pulls you skirt up letting me see a very transparent thong glittering with sewn in sparkles. You know I love this style because when your pretty flower is as wet as it is right now, your thong is totally see through. My business clothes fall away from my body as I move back toward you. You have sat down on the sofa. I watch as your pretty thighs move open, your skirt moves over your hips, you raise your **** **** and the skirt naturally finds a place around your waist. I can smell your essence, it intoxicates me. Your elegant hand finds my very erect very hard ****. For only a brief moment your hand strokes my **** only long enough for you to tell me that you expect to be fully pleasured. You tell me that first you want to feel my hot kisses and my talented tongue on ... and most definitely IN more places than just your neck. Your other hand moves down rubbing your sweet wet flower as you make this first demand of me.


I lean in to kiss your tender lips and my kisses dance around your radiant face as I help to remove your T shirt from over your head. While your curls fall back down around your face I spy your bra that is just as transparent as your matching thong. Underneath the fine lace your **** stand away from your well formed ****. My mouth descends on one and my strong hand covers the other. I squeeze your breast firm, making you arch your back and moan a deep needful moan that tells me to press farther on. My tongue circle, circle, circles the aching **** being offered to my ministrations. I pull the finely detailed bra just below your wonderful ****. You look sooo delicious. I tell you that “this time I do not stop; this time you will plead for me to let you settle down, but I will not.” I kiss you deeply then tell you I fully intend to make you lust crazy, trying desperately to hang onto reality as sensual pleasure spins you farther and farther out of control.



You feel my kisses land quickly on the underside of your breast, then your ribs nearby, then your tummy, then suddenly my kisses land on the inside of your knee. Your pretty thighs open, my strong hands on the inside of your thighs, touching only, not forcing you. I feel your pelvis begin grinding, seeking, needing attention. My kisses slide higher, higher up on the inside of your thigh. Very close to your center you feel my tongue begin to trace tortuously tender circles on your smooth skin. My hand has covered your swollen flower still “protected” by the thin transparent very wet thong. I have been gently rubbing your tender petals as my tongue teases nearer and nearer. Gently I pull your thong to the side, my talented tongue presses to your sweet tender center of passion. Suddenly your hands are holding my head. You are whimpering, “Please, please take it all”. I use the tip of my tongue to trace trembling swollen petals. Your pelvis thrusting, driving your gorgeous **** onto my face.



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