Our Halloween Party




Our Halloween Party


We have agreed to attend a Halloween party where we know that the rules are very relaxed and most of our friends will be there. They are like us, we like to party, show off and play but we do not share our playing with others. I have set up a secretary outfit for you designed and planned exactly for a party like this. The skirt is so short that we can see the tops of your stocking and the garter straps that are there for show as well. It is pleated and black. You blouse is a pretty ivory color but it is sheer enough to see your dark **** because you are not allowed to wear a bra tonight. Your awesome black heels and the lace stockings make you look like a secretary that is a trophy for me your boss. One who will easily slide onto the hard **** of her boss anytime I demand.


And then as you reach to put the outfit on I tell you to stop, that there are other office “accessories” that you must have as well. I have you put on everything but the blouse. I watch closely as you pull on your stockings I cannot resist and I rub and spank you **** **** when you bend over to pull the stockings on. When you must reach behind you to pull up the skirt zipper, it makes your back arch forward. As you do your awesome **** thrust forward. I pinch each **** whispering that we need your tender **** to be hard. As I hold each **** tight I put a **** clamp on each one.


There is a **** golden chain between the clamps. I have made it perfectly long enough to make it rest around your neck like a necklace but it tugs up just a **** on your ****. I show you the **** tag that hangs from the chain right beside your throat. The tag says,” Pull chain to test communication skills” Now, anyone tonight who pulls the chain tugging on your **** will certainly make you moan or squeal. I watch you eyes flash adoration and then pure lust as you tell me “it looks like this will be a very long night” I kiss you deeply and then tell you I am not done preparing you.


I then show you a thin silvery **** as large as my finger with a turn dial on a ****. I command you to bend at the waist so that I can press this inside your hot **** rosebud behind for the night. You first act shocked then kiss me like a pixie and quickly bend over and help open your rosebud for me. The silver **** slides easily into your rosebud and closes over it as I press it deep inside you. I then make you turn up the turn dial yourself. The **** rumbles deep inside you as you grab my arm for balance. I let you lower the intensity some but then I **** it to the back of your skirt waist with another tag that says “Turn dial to increase lateral motion” You now know that if anyone turns this up it will rock your insides and certainly make you roll your hips in need of getting ****. You coyly ask me what is to happen with your swollen **** **** ****.


From our toy box I bring out the J **** that goes deep inside your **** but also curves around and presses on your **** as well. At first you protest saying that you **** will be in constant **** if that is inside you at the party. I pull your **** chain sharply making you squeal out and then you are suddenly quiet as your senses remind you that you are my **** slave tonight and I will make you stay in **** if I want you to be so, totally out of control.. I tell you to put the J Vibe in place. You are hoping I would forget the remote control for it but you see I already have it in my hand. As I turn up the J vibe your **** gets buzzed and your whole **** gets a deep unyielding rumble that makes your **** cream begin to cover inside your thighs. As you squirm from all of the attention you confess you may not be able to stay together with all of this.


I comfort you and tell you that as your Master I will not let anything overwhelm you. Just after I say that I kneel before you and **** your **** from beside the humming J Vibe. I do not stop. I turn up the J Vibe and I squeeze your still **** ****. I command you to **** and you do as you hold my head against your throbbing **** and offering genuine appreciation for letting you ****. I chuckle and say that I hope you are as thankful after the many **** I expect from you tonight. I put your ivory blouse on over the **** clamps and then I tel you that you are allowed to put your toy on me that we have found together. You brighten as you un package the new figure 8 cocking that circles both my **** and my ****. You kneel and **** my **** to hardness and make sure the cocking is tight. You cannot resist as you **** only the head of my **** and dig your **** nails into my bals just right. You know this drives me to the edge of cumming and you also know that because you are defiant and you did this now that I will punish you at sometime for being defiant. Even as you disobey me, you turn me on. I love your spirit and your need to feel the **** punishment I demand of my Slave Princess. I pull you up by your curls gently as you expect me to do. I agree with you that you will be punished but for now we are expected at the party. My costume is that of A scottish Warrior complete with short sword, a flogger, and the requisite Kilt. I love seeing your eyes dance when I ask if you like knowing my hard **** will so easily take advantage of your **** body tonight.


On the way to the party I feel your elegant hind moving up under my kilt and wrapping around my thick shaft. I ask how much you think you can handle tonight? You know that I will be the only one to have you and I will certainly test your limits but not truly hurt you. So you tell me. “ whatever my Master wishes of his **** **** hungry slave... that you will allow any pleasure I want from you.” Your hand strokes my rod as we talk and then arrive at the home of the party.


As we walk inside our expectations are confirmed as we see many couples in various states of undress and **** release. Drinks in hand, we look around at the different themes in the different rooms. In the living room most are just talking while some are beginning their night's seduction in kissing and hands roaming over each other. You feel pressure on your back then you feel the silver **** enliven your rosebud. You friend, the hostess reveals herself as she whispers in your ear that she wished her husband would ravage her **** like I **** attention to yours. You back up against me and my kilt telling her that I am both a cruel and wonderful Master for keeping you so close to cummming all night long. As you speak, your friend finds the tag for the chain and she pulls on the chain watching you intently. You do moan and moan as she keeps pulling. You beg me to turn the J Vibe on, so I do flip the remote on FULL Power. Immediately you are begging me to be allowed to ****. I ask your wicked hostess friend if I should let you ****. She grins and says she will not be cumming for a **** while so you should wait some too. You flash eyes of fire at her as your **** goes crazy trying to hold back. She gives you a best friend kiss and then moves on to other guests. Your **** wiggling, you can feel how hard my thick **** is against you.


We go down a large hall to see what else who else is here. We find a recreation room with a large pool table in it and a bar where some couples are getting fresh drinks. I send you to the bar knowing that I send you into a group of men that know the rules of no sharing but can certainly read the two tabs on your body, one for the chain and the other for your **** ****. In amongst the four men to get our drinks, one of them has turned up the dial for your silvery **** in your rosebud . As it warms your **** you know to thank the man correctly. I have instructed you to say thank you and to offer to let him see the center of the pleasure he has started. H accepts your offer and you bend over one of the barstools raising your short pleated skirt letting the four men see your **** that is warming from the **** inside. One of them sees the J Vibe wrapped around your swollen rose petals. He asks to know where the control is for that. SOOO **** you wiggle your **** even more and triumphantly tell him “Master has that control and only He may be the one to control me ****”.


He calls over to me 20 feet away to ask to see what happens with the J vibe inside your soaking wet ****. He carries our drinks over to me for you and politely asks again to see. I confidently ask why and he says that you look to be the hottest woman here and he is sure that it is only because we are together. He asks again how hot you get. I look to you and ask you if you now know that you are the most gorgeous **** **** toy here? Your answer is simply ' Master you amaze me every moment!” i firmly command you to take off your blouse and skirt and sit up on the pool table facing me. As the whole room watches We begin our mutual seduction. As you open you thighs to me my hand rests on your mound that we have just shaved smooth again this afternoon. My thumb rubs over your **** as I slowly turn up the power on the J Vibe. You pelvis starts rolling your **** begins to pulse, your breathing quickens. We have talked about showing you off as you are allowed to ****. One of the pretty women nearby pull at the chain near your neck. As a woman she knows exactly how much to sweetly torture your **** to make you crazy with lust.


Your foot moves under my kilt finding my very hard ****. You rub your foot along my hard shaft teasing me as much as I tease you. I push at the J Vibe making it hit spots deep in your **** I begin moving it in and out just a couple centimeters knowing your need to **** is so huge for you. You know to ask permission to ****. As you see the faces of the men and women around us, you can tell they love seeing your lust go off the scale. A woman asks me to make you ****.


You look to her and her man has three fingers deep in her **** ****. She is begging that you be allowed to **** with her. You look to me and ask “ Sir, may your **** **** **** toy be allowed to ****? Please Sir I cannot stop it from taking over !!”


“ **** Barbara **** HARD “


Your scream of pleasure unleashes hers as well. Both of you cumming hard as we ravage each **** over and over. Two, three times your hot wild **** is pushed over the edge till your whole body is one erotic nerve of **** need. As you return to clearer thinking I command you to **** my **** that you have teased up till now. I have taken the J Vibe and the silver **** from your body so you can give attention to my ****. But your poor **** are still held tight in the chained clamps and your can barely focus on **** me as I demanded. But your do wrap your elegant lips around my pulsing shaft as you kneel on the pool table your **** soaking the insides of your thighs.


You know exactly how to get me to the edge of cumming and as expected I stop you from **** my **** or even making me ****. You sense that I have more planned for the night so you obey and stop **** my **** but not until you have traced your tongue all over my pulsing **** making me want to **** you so hard. I move away from you but pull you with me. I kiss you deeply as I help you to your feet. You are dressed in stockings, garter , and heels with the **** clamps torturing your ****. I tell you in 3 minutes I will remove them but I have surprise for you.



We go down the hall to the end where another door is closed but many screams come from behind it. I tell you to open the door. As you do you see two large **** crosses set up in the room one is empty. Th other is holding captive a gorgeous woman whom you have competed against most of your life. She is **** and sweating writhing as a man uses a nine tail whip on her ****, on her thighs and on her **** **** over and over. She is screaming out in pain and in pure pleasure. She is begging to be allowed to **** but he keeps her on the edge not allowing the pleasure to be enough to send her over the top.




You look to me with that competitive look in your eyes. I knew you would want this, I planned for it. I knew you would want me to use you, ravage you, abuse you in front of her to prove to her once and for all that you are more woman than she is. I know that too, and can bring that out in you because I know you will do anything for me to prove how gorgeous and **** and naughty you are as my **** slave.


I pull you to me. I ask to be sure “do you realize I will whip your **** and your **** until they are raw? Do you know that I will **** you two or three times in front of her and all of the others? Do you know that **** will be running down your elegant thighs and you expect these people to see you as a corporate person tomorrow?” You.... not to be unmatched remind me that they expect no less from you tomorrow toward them as well. My love for you goes up another notch. I command you to tell me who you are. You brighten up and tell me with full desire that you are my **** slave and my every pleasure is what you wish to deliver. And then you add “ Please Master This once let me prove to her I am better!” I kiss you fiercely then grab your arm and drag you to the empty crosss as if you were a common prisoner. I cuff you into the cross arms up high, thighs spread obscenely ****. I also strip myself my thick hard **** high and proud ready to savagely use your hot body. The **** ring still in place my **** almost purple from being so hard.You shiver knowing that if I **** you with that in place that your poor **** will be so abused. Now you are tied in next to this woman whom you have always competed against. She has been allowed to rest during the time it took to put you in place so now we all start new. I challenge her and him to a duel. The winner is whichever woman outlasts the other. The losing words of defeat are “ Mercy on your lovely slave.” Whichever woman says that first loses. As I say this i watch your eyes harden. You DO NOT intend to lose.


Both of us whip each of your gorgeous captive bodies over and over till your **** are red from the whipping. Each strike of the whip bites into your **** **** making them ache but making your desire deeper too. You are both moaning in the pain pleasure of the whipping, 30 lashes we have put on your ****. In the end you are arching your back trying to meet the whip with tender eager **** ****.


The whip then begins to bite your thighs moving ever closer to your **** pulsing ****. As the whip strikes your **** **** directly there is electricity all through your body. Both of you are begging to be **** HARD. We move up against you. The sweat from your body and mine is sliding across your tender **** making them ache more. I thrust my hard raging **** deep in your wonderful **** **** you furiously ravaging your hot ****. The hard cockring pounds toy **** it hurts so much but it also drives your desire to **** even deeper. Holding your hips pulling you against your bonds, I move my hand to your rosebud behind and shove my largest finger into your **** I command you to **** ! You scream out “THANK YOU MASTER for making me **** in front of everyone !!” your **** rides on and on over and over your **** rocks my ****. Your multiple **** outlasts hers and you know you won this battle... now to win the war.


I reach for the flogger and begin to smack inside your thighs closer and closer to your soaking dripping ****. I demand you say that you are my **** slave to use and ravage you say it mmediately almost singing your desire to please. I make the flogger begin to smack your ****. It takes your breath away but then you start to yearn for the bite of the flogger on your **** and red rose petals of your ****. Seeing you get competitive I start to smack you harder then on your **** to your **** and back again Over and over She is crying but you are moving into the flogger again your defiance rises up. Then she says it ' Mercy on your lovely slave.” her master must stop immediately to preserve her trust in him which he does


You, in your victory, plead me to **** you again and to **** all over you. I am so close to cumming anyway so proud for your presence here, your strength, your femininity, your competitive heart. I move up to you and drive my **** easily into your dripping **** **** my **** slave Adoring My princess Barbara. Pounding your silky **** driving my **** deep inside you. After victory you know you are my equal. You **** me back slamming your **** **** onto my ****. You begin to make demands of me insisting I **** DEEP in your **** **** ****. You **** me hard like a wild naughty hungry ****. You find new energy and **** me beyod belief. FUUUCCKKK **** gonna cumfuck your sweet **** soo tight soo wet soo silky. Mu **** swells as I am ready to shoot my **** load inside you. FFUUUCCKK CCUUMMIINNGG Barbara cumming soo hard feeling your **** ride the wave of **** that rocks your captive gorgeous body


Right after our mutual **** you collapse in your bonds. I uncuff you and tenderly lift you in my arms. I carry you through the house like a fallen warrior victorious but totally spent. The woman you won over gathers our clothes and belongings and brings them to our truck. She hands them over to me and asks me to tell you that you are truly the better woman but that she too believes it is because you and I are together as one. I drive us home and place you in our bed in your silk nightshirt you will wake as my adoring bride. The **** wench that yu were last night will return soon enough.








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