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Corporate Relations



We have known each other a couple or three weeks. Each day each hour that I spend with you is a wonderful unveiling of the most incredible woman I know. I adore your fun laugh and your way of hugging into me just to feel my arms around you. Each room in your house now holds at least one tender memory of enjoying your company. Of feeling you move against me, of riding the blissful arch toward a sweet release that leaves us both breathless since we learned the timing that pulls us together to go crashing over the edge in each others arms.


Now as we finish this weekend of long talks and longer seductions, we talk together about the coming week's activity. We have managed a schedule to encompass out “hands on” studies in human anatomy, and both our work schedules. As I gather my books and my laptop and my heart from your bed.. you ask in a whisper ” Sir do you offer tours of your office after hours?' my eyes widen and take in your **** face. We are agreeing to “initiate” my office well and good. I offer a time that is good for you, a day that you do not go to work when I am finishing my day at my work. You coyly ask me how I would pencil in such an appointment as your hands make my eyes follow along the curves of your body that I so adore.


On the day of choice we have talked a few times on the phone before closing time. I had let you take my truck to your house from our flirting lunch on the agreement you must pick me up after work so my secretary expects to see you waiting for me when she leaves. Then, OMG you come into my office looking soo much like the delicious play toy I adore. Your jeans are the soft ones you love to wear and I remember you telling me sometimes you wear them without panties because they are soft enough not to hurt you. My mind wonders if you are so inclined today. Your hair shines and I see the **** earrings you like to ar for me. You have opened to me and said you like being more like a woman than just one of the crowd with me. The thin white blouse you wear is the one I love because it is fitted to your figure and I can see the darkness of your **** just barely shadows under the lacy bra we like to play with You step to the patient window as I close out computers and phones and ask if you need to sign in. You know the answer and walk on around the corner to meet my arms just out of camera range. I hold you close and kiss you passionately. Your hands o my shoulders you tell me it suddenly feels hot where you stand. I go and lock the front door and then you see my smile that tells you want want all of you and I want you pleading to be allowed over the edge . We have agreed that in each room we will do one something that is so **** so **** that as I come into the room ever after I will recall your pretty body moving for me. In the general office that does have a camera we must stay in a certain place, the same place I stand every day to fax prescriptions and material orders to keep the office working. I press you against the wall and I slowly unbutton your blouse to one last button to just above your jeans. I kiss your neck as my hand slides inside your lacy bra to roll your aching ****. Your wiggling hip just an inch from the copy machine. MMM **** you will make it soo difficult for me to keep from getting hard every time I use the copier. I pull your bra down to expose your pretty breast. You strawberry colored aureola are now a deep crimson as I **** your **** and then lightly bite it just like you love to be taken. Then I use my tongue to circle circle circle your **** as I rebutton your blouse to go back across the camera's watchful position. I pull you from the general office as you try to catch your breath.


I guide you to one of the patient rooms. You ask how many patient rooms I have and I report “Four” I see that OMG fear cross your face. You tell me you do not have enough clothes on for four rooms and my office too!!!


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